Jingdong three quarter earnings highlights gross profit margin hand Q and WeChat conversion than ex

[Abstract] Jingdong third quarter orders from the mobile terminal in the 30%, the proportion of double the day is up to 40% of the proportion of up to $eleven.


Tencent technology news November 18th, Jingdong (NASDAQ: JD) on Monday released the company’s third quarter of 2014 unaudited financial results. Jingdong reported a mall in the third quarter net revenues of 29 billion yuan ($4 billion 700 million), an increase of 61%; net loss of 164 million 400 thousand yuan ($26 million 800 thousand), net profit over the same period last year to 75 million yuan; the third quarter GMV was 67 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 111%.

after the earnings release, the Jingdong group chairman of the board and CEO Liu Qiangdong, CFO Huang Xuande and CEO Shen Haoyu mall Jingdong and other executives attended then held a conference call with analysts, interpreting results and answer analyst questions.

below is the main part of the Q & A Q:

Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst: you mentioned the third quarter performance is good, especially the reason of the gross profit margin increased is ascending from the service class business contribution proportion of the company’s income, I think this should be the main means for your businesses to provide online marketing and logistics service income increase, will introduce the specific you look for businesses to provide financial services, online promotion services, logistics service performance in the three quarter of


Huang Xuande: the company’s gross profit margins improved than the same period last year is a third party platform to expand the business, enhance the Commission, which is the main reason; second is the company’s advertising revenue increased, including from third party merchants advertising revenue, including as the company becomes large user base, the import part of commodity suppliers start advertising; third is that we provide to the third party logistics services business income also improved, now the Jingdong on the platform of third party business orders in 30% are delivered by the Jingdong of the logistics, it will help enhance the company’s gross profit rate of Non-GAPP.

analyst Oppenheimer: you mentioned that all orders of the company for the third quarter in about 30% from the mobile terminal, but a double promotion you announced mobile client orders accounted for 40%, the 40% is the current trend? Also, how much is the Tencent from hand machine QQ and WeChat’s share your order before you? Mentioned hope will come from the Tencent to channel users said the use of mobile phone users by Jingdong, which currently has

what progress?

Shen Haoyu: the three quarter is the overall order in 30% from the mobile terminal, and dual eleven day orders, mobile client orders accounted for 40%, including from QQ and WeChat mobile phone orders, but I think the mobile 40% is not representative of the entire fourth quarter end accounting trend, because the double eleven promotion. We designed only for mobile terminal activities, to attract more users to use the mobile end shopping.


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