Taobao transformation B2C small sellers go from here

now, if you mention Taobao, I’m afraid I have "energy-saving" flavor, is now playing on the C2C label Taobao has some faceless, continuously move indicates that Taobao is changing to B2C.


B2C transformation, then another problem, the achievements of Taobao hundreds of thousands of small sellers is the fate of


some smart sellers early on this form of dealing with the coup, is to establish their own independent shop, if Taobao to a large shopping mall, so independent shop is equivalent to store it, imagine you open a shop at the mall to establish their own brand or do the stores are more likely to establish their own brand of


if you want to find the real belong to own a space for one person in the electronic commerce in the complex case, then do an independent shop, to establish their own brand, build a very own website, is your only choice.

maybe someone will sigh the rapid development of e-commerce, yes, independent shop era has quietly come, if it is unaware of it, then it will be pushed to the stage under electronic commerce.

know reproach, it won’t be easy. Do independent shop is no exception, for Taobao sellers, perhaps the choice of products is not a problem, but the location independent shop is certainly takes a lot of effort, including in the choice of the domain name that is to be cautious, and the latter part of the promotion and so on, this is to go through careful planning, here for we recommend a shop dedicated to provide the domain name of the site

in short, their fate is always in the hands of their own, I believe we can in the ever-changing network environment out of their own way!

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