Network marketing o2o era of network e commerce


entered the era of the global Internet, e-commerce has been accompanied by the development of the Internet and growing, Taobao, Amazon, Jingdong, Mcglaughlin, eBay of the e-commerce website, marks the maturity and progress of electronic commerce network. In the electronic commerce website of these big brands behind innumerable business sites, online shopping, online shopping has received more and more people, especially for young people is a kind of consumer online shopping is essential to life. Buy things on the Internet, stay at home or the courier company’s life has become a shopping habits of young people now. The development of e-commerce has also led to the rise of the express logistics industry, with the support of these electricity providers website also has enough space for the development of the courier industry. The electronic commerce website so much is different, but the business model is roughly the same, it is nothing but the one thing from a sellers to sell another buyer, if the same is a three party sellers, buyers, Taobao like Taobao, Taobao is only responsible for providing the platform, is not responsible for the products sales. But if the website and the seller is the same person, such as where the customer’s own website to sell their own things, or with their own logistics. Electricity supplier website business model is nothing more than to sell their own things or help others to sell things, you can also be subdivided into: B2B, B2C, C2C and o2o.

whether you sell things or help others to sell things in online transactions (B2B, B2C, C2C), and o2o is the combination of Internet and offline store, truly reflects the sale of Electronic Commerce on the influence of the actual commodity. In fact, the O2O model, as early as the rise of the group purchase site has began to appear, but consumers are more familiar with the concept of group purchase group purchase, goods are temporary promotions, and on the O2O website, as long as the site and businesses to continue cooperation, the merchant’s goods would have been "promotion" to O2O, businesses are the next line store, and group purchase mode in the businesses are not necessarily. For example, you want to go to a movie, but you don’t have time to go to the cinema. So you bought a movie ticket on the Internet, the website to send a message containing code to your phone. You go to the cinema after the message in the code and the foreground of the cinema to check can be admitted to watch the movie, which is a o2o e-commerce model. Now, like KTV, theaters, hotels have online booking or positioning sub function, such as online sales in the form of an increase in revenue but also aspects of the consumer.

o2o is not only to promote the convenient offline store network, but also let the reality and virtual network together, because online shopping and business entities have limitations and shortcomings, and they are two limitations and shortcomings can complement each other, to achieve a win-win situation of online shopping and business entities the. But the enterprise to realize the marketing of o2o also need the following conditions: independent online shopping mall, the national authority of the industry trusted site authentication, online >

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