ngredients O2O wire rope play innovation

because of the domestic business boom with the Internet and hot O2O mode, many companies are targeting the catering industry, but the takeaway O2O model has been so entrepreneurs to be too numerous to enumerate, and focus on the food supply of ingredients, if the ingredients O2O model to be successful, so the catering industry can play a natural specification the role of. However, the ingredients O2O really can be so easy to form their own model why the industry said the ingredients O2O is the innovation on the wire rope?

, if a: how will the agricultural products + Internet plus food "


what is the future of food circulation, what is the way to deal with this, first of all, food O2O will certainly be the direction of regional, vertical development. In other words, will continue to enter some of the segments of the enterprise, rather than being a monopoly. The reason is very simple: China cuisine is different from the western fast food, Chinese catering culture is very rich. Whether it is from the choice of ingredients, cooking methods, etc., are required to diversify and enrich. So, by the premise of the Chinese food culture, the need for a variety of services, it will not change the industrialization and scale.

followed by operation and logistics links will continue to optimize, improve and develop. Because of the continuous innovation and development of science and technology, we must use the latest tools and processes to optimize the entire food supply chain O2O. To reduce the cost of manpower and expenditure purposes. The reason why the logistics chain to optimize because the material is related to a range of choices, and even the need for insurance and fresh vegetables, etc.. And the city needs to build logistics distribution system, reduce logistics costs.

two, ingredients O2O how to cut into the market segments


ingredients O2O want to cut into the market segment and the upper end of the need to do a good job. The first is to demand side, that is, hotels and catering businesses do a good job. In this regard, many enterprises have made the attempt, such as food and beverage, chef worry free network, chain of agricultural enterprises etc.. If you choose to operate a single supply of food, then you can choose from the restaurant industry, the restaurant cooperation, which can reduce the difficulty of loss and distribution.

, on the other hand, is the management of the supplier. O2O platform is recommended to use the main ingredients of brand agents suppliers, from the source of the agent on the strict review, to eliminate security risks. After all, ingredients related to personal health, if you can not guarantee safety, green, healthy, then the damage to the industry as a whole is unthinkable. Enterprises should pay attention not to do "flies restaurant", in line with national health standards.

in addition, the demand for high-end customers in this regard, such as five star hotels, etc., to try to improve their service levels. If the enterprise’s own ability to reach that state, then give up for a long time, starting from small and medium-sized catering, trying to do a good job. From a technical point of view, the food and beverage industry is not the entrance of the food supply

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