Guangdong and other major domestic 3G city domain 30 million price auction

3G time and again, finally!!! January 7, 2009 2:30 pm, Chinese Ministry announced the release of 3 3G licenses China officially entered the era of 3G…

and 3G, Guangdong and other major city domestic domain are a mysterious person registered, and built a website on the Internet auction price, the total reached 30 million yuan, when the input URL WWW.GD3G.CN (Guangdong 3G) into the domain name auction site, see Guangdong 3G starting price is 1 million 880 thousand yuan, the other big city such as the 3G domain name. Beijing 3G, Shanghai 3G, Guangzhou 3G, Shenzhen 3G, the starting price is 880 thousand yuan. The medium-sized city such as Shenyang 3G, Qingdao 3G, Hangzhou 3G, the starting price is 580 thousand yuan.

it is understood that in 2009, China three telecom operators will invest at least 200 billion yuan in the construction of 3G! Chinese 3G licenses, including a 3G network construction and terminal equipment manufacturing, operations services, information services, communication industry chain is gradually surfaced. Industry experts predict that over the next 3 years, the industry chain will stimulate social investment of $2 trillion. In the face of such a huge profit cake, the relevant businesses have also been full of horsepower, for 3G cake".

in the 3G industry chain, will have a value of up to 1 trillion yuan of mobile terminal equipment market, the telecommunications market of $2 trillion and 500 billion, as well as the market value of 10 trillion yuan of value-added services. Internet value-added services market will have the largest share in. Among them, the multimedia applications based on mobile phones will largely depend on the Internet content and service providers (SP), but also to the country about 2 of the SP provides a broad market…..

and for the mysterious person in the online auction 3G city domain name is finally successful, we wait and see!!!

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