Women’s online shopping hit poor phone hotline police said there was no evidence refused to file

Lee double eleven in Taobao to buy discounted sweaters, after receiving the feeling is of poor quality to the store, a bad fight, which know, since the mobile phone becomes a hotline. Yesterday, Jiulongpo baffo police station received the alarm.

the goods were badly hit by poor

35 year old Lee home village and Pakistan Fauci jiulongpo. The early morning of November 11th, Ms. Li has been waiting in front of the computer, to grab a husband seventy percent off pure wool sweater.

details of the goods, this black and white striped sweater is a regular brand, the upper body of the model on the publicity is also very good-looking." Yesterday, the reporter contacted Ms. Lee, she recalls, when it is time to buy, the original price of nearly 1000 yuan sweater, buying price of $299.

wrapped up in November 15th, opened a look, Ms. Lee speechless.

"shirts with pictures of wool is not serious, the work is very poor, even the black and white stripes thickness are inconsistent, tag and clothes feel very bad." Ms. Lee told reporters, at that time, she asked the store to return, the other asked her to pay the freight. Lee believes that this is a quality problem, should not bear their own freight, and eleven of the activities of the freight concessions.

unsuccessful negotiations, Lee gave the store a bad review.

phone call after a poor rating

played bad, the store’s customer service to send text messages, to explain the situation to Ms. Li, also repeatedly called hope Lee can delete bad comments, "I said to grant, I don’t want to."


, Ms. Lee began to receive some strange verification sms. Initially, the day will receive a number of social networking sites and marriage registration verification code, and later, in the evening will receive some rental housing, real estate promotions and SMS messages.

"this is the phone number is registered on the site verification code." Yesterday, Ms. Lee’s husband, Mr. Du recalled Taobao shopping experience, he suspected that these short messages are bad business jokes.

Ms. Lee will be reflected in the case of Taobao customer service, did not continue to receive the phone to delete bad comments and text messages, but the verification code SMS is still not stopped.

Lee said, Taobao’s customer service said that if there is evidence that buyers encounter sellers malicious telephone harassment, after complaints, Taobao will be verified, the case will give the seller a warning, serious sellers online shop will be closed.

police remind collect evidence

Lee to the police station after the blessing of the police, the police investigation found that Lee did not have direct evidence that the seller is Taobao, unable to file.

police remind, if the phone or SMS harassment Taobao seller’s normal life, people must preserve evidence, provide harassing phone call records, SMS records, chat records, Taobao rights department punishment to the shop. If the harassment is serious, according to the rule

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