After 80 MM online selling clothes from one thousand to one million

we are the owner of this business interview is a 80 mm, her name is Liu Yue. The first meeting with Liu Yue, the impression is young, regardless of clothing or conversation are the sun! Not tall, should be around 164CM, looks handsome, make people feel very amiable and easy of approach. The so-called people can not look like, the young 80 has successfully created its own network of clothing brand clothing network. Now, her website has more than one million annual turnover. She gave up her high salary for freedom

: Thank you very much for accepting our interview. It looks like you are really young. Can you introduce yourself first?

Liu Yue: Hello, ha ha, my actual age is not very big, I graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in 07, the Department of business English, the creation of their own company in.

Author: I heard that before you start, you have a very high monthly income in the enterprise, there is such a thing?

Liu Yue: Well, that’s pretty high, 4500.

Author: the first job after graduation?

Liu Yue: Well, yes, just graduated, should be good,


Author: has been very good! Since there are so promising work, why do you run to start a business?

Liu Yue: I’m in the company is a senior assistant and interpreter, when the boss, very demanding, work is also very strict, we cooperate very well, she told me, mentor, the greatest influence on me here! However, later, because the boss in she was transferred to the group, to the Beijing general company. After that, I do not think there is no room for upward development, work time is not so happy before, choose to quit the business.


chose to resign before you have a loss? In my point of view, as a graduate, your income is very good, not afraid to resign after self destruct?

Liu Yue: of course,

loss, and then everyone think I’m won’t listen to reason. I think parents are too squeamish, can not stand the gas, they think I do poineering work just to avoid working pressure. But at that time I was such an idea, to fight for their own free life.

encounter, achievement career

Author: so, how do you think, go to business, do e-commerce?

Liu Yue: actually, it was a chance. Once met a Korean on the street to ask the way, speak English very good Korean, he later went to the place and my destination is relatively close, so we both walked along the road, he said that my English said well, gave a name card, said, if I am interested in for clothing, can contact him! Go home after doing nothing, he logged on the name card website, found that the above simple yet simple clothing, fashion elements, and all models will, which makes me particularly interested in. Pass >

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