African electricity supplier AG valuation 1 billion 80 million UAV business is booming

[Abstract] technology start-ups have brought new opportunities to Africa, and commercial drones are now gaining ground in africa.


Tencent Francisco March 5th message, according to foreign reports, the African e-commerce group Africa Internet Group (hereinafter referred to as "AIG"), announced before, the company has raised 300 million euros by the hands of a new round of financing from Goldman Sachs, South Africa’s largest telecom operator MTN company ($326 million) of funds, to the company the valuation reached 1 billion 5 million euros ($1 billion 80 million). AIG to become the continent’s first Unicorn technology industry (valuation of more than $1 billion start-up companies).

AIG currently has African electricity supplier Jumia and other 9 network companies. The company’s chief executive officer and · Bo Igno Naik (Sacha Poignonnec) confirmed that the company carried out a new round of financing. AIG did not disclose the situation of the investors to the company’s capital injection. But after the news, AXA insurance company (AXA) of AIG will inject 75 million euros ($83 million). AIG’s largest asset Jumia, during 2012 to 2014 has been more than 200 million U.S. dollars in financing, the company’s current valuation of about $555 million.

AIG access to huge sums of money, marking the current investor in Africa is growing consumer purchasing power is full of information. AIG’s huge start-up network includes hotel online platform Jovago, fashion website Zando, employment website Everjobs, real estate website Lamudi and transportation services EasyTaxi.

AIG and Interswitch, which is about to become another African unicorn, shows the potential for growth in the African market. Even in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, has also been affected by falling commodity prices and China’s macroeconomic growth downward. Technology start-ups to bring new opportunities for Africa, commercial UAV start-up companies have been developed in the African continent. South Africa’s Rocketmine has been in the mining, agriculture and civil engineering and other fields to provide aviation data solutions". The company’s chief executive officer Chris · (Chris Clark), said the company’s revenue this year will be more than 1 million U.S. dollars ($).


startups Aeroshutter currently provide aerial photography, commercial real estate regulatory services, and to provide advertising services to clients such as vodafone. The two start-ups are currently in Africa is about to boom in the UAV market leader.

IBM invested $100 million to set up an African Research Institute in Kenya this year has been established for three years. The Institute

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