World Expo mascot Haibao domain name was registered


users open selling "Haibao" domain name.


December 21st, Shanghai the Bund hung a picture of Chinese 2010 Shanghai World Expo mascot "Hai Bao" posters. This hair curled, round eyes smiling, born out of the traditional China Chinese characters of "people" blue child named "Haibao" (HAIBAO), meaning "the treasure of the sea". The mascot "Haibao" posters became a beautiful landscape in the Bund. Zhou Dongchao agency issued photo

Beijing, December 22, a netizen call today claimed that he was part of the Shanghai World Expo registered the mascot "domain name. He said, Beijing has offered 100 thousand acquisition of part of the domain name cybersquatting him, he refused, he is ready to sell about 300 thousand of the price, and considered part of the proceeds of student.

, who is a "secret agent", said he registered the domain name contains expo2010haibao and 2010expohaibao series of domain names, in a domain name trading website for sale. Reporters saw the registration of the bid ranging from 60 thousand to 1 million.

published in the "Haibao" as the mascot of World Expo, Shanghai World Expo official website said, "the value of the treasure" is derived and the development of products: "China 2010 Shanghai World Expo mascot with the" beautiful, easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to use "principle, with a product derivative, market development of image and other premise. Has the characteristics of high awareness, strong application, design and development for various kinds of toys, stationery, clothing, gifts, jewelry series of derivative products. In the form and technical means, it is suitable for the communication and re creation of plane, three-dimensional and electronic media, which is suitable for the needs of different carriers on the theme deduction and expression style." However, World Expo did not related website domain name was registered gives a clear statement.

the corn worm (cybersquatting people) told reporters, a Beijing company to offer 100 thousand yuan acquisition of his name, but he refused, his psychological bottom line is 300 thousand yuan. "We went on to tell me that a $100 thousand wouldn’t let me go," he said. At the same time, he said, will donate most or all of the income from the sale, hoping to donate.

previously, the media said that at present the registered domain name is only suitable for speculation, if you want to sell is very difficult, after all, the official website of the World Expo already established. To this end, the media called hope overnight users have a clear understanding, beware of registered domain names touches on intellectual property laws.

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