By giving the cash back rebate network shopping online shopping for more money

according to the survey data show that more than 60% of Internet users think online shopping is more economical than daily shopping. However, not all people know what to buy online shopping tips. In addition to the use of the search engine of goods than three, in the open network interactive platform, easy to use a little finger, we can also get the rebate, rebate, help Kanjia, with others to share the VIP number, easily use vouchers and so on, so as to achieve the purpose of more money. And this week, we will work together with you, under the leadership of the online shopping, do a real sense of the online shopping".

is a receptionist in a company of Miss Huang, when the Sun online car sales experience, with particular reference to the month to help the company who ordered all kinds of tickets and help online shopping products, get the rebate costs 500-600 yuan. This is Miss Huang to exaggerate the facts, in the process of online shopping, there has been a growing number of Internet users through the third party to return the website login to the shopping website, so as to obtain the rebate ranging from 2%-50%.

recommended is now back to net rebate rebate network currently has 200 business cooperation, opened a special rebate rebate to customers of Taobao area ratio reached 48% or more, and to set up a mall store and search the whole network rating the cheapest column. The large area covered by the rebate.


a lot of rebate



online shopping Master attention rebate website

online shopping for the love of the people, give cash back rebate network, QQ, 51fanli, etc. the rebate network should pay attention to. As a professional third party website, its function is to provide you with guidance in shopping at the same time, let you in every time after shopping can get some discount or rebate. If will correspond with reality, similar to the role of sales, after helping other sites selling products, access to some of the sales commission, and the Commission is part of the profit to buyers.

the emergence of such sites is basically in 2004, in the past two years, the rapid development of. According to the rebate network data, the monthly turnover of more than 120 thousand pen orders, the monthly turnover of more than 20 million yuan, the total amount of orders per month for membership cash back more than 1 million yuan; the number of members of consumers nearly 300 thousand people per month, more than 30 thousand new members. In the forum Tesco net return, daily browsing number can reach a maximum of 15887 times, to popularize relevant knowledge is more of the rebate, so as to obtain preferential and sun single people through the forum.

it is understood that in the current hot return site, mainly including: give cash back rebate network, QQ rebate network, 51 rebate network, and dozens of other sites, all sites for different products also have the rebate mall.

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