How is the concept of derivative born


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as the title indicates, Eric called "derivative" plus two hidden, as the previous article writes, "derivative" is a concept was invented, is the essence of mobile providers or community electricity supplier. No matter how the micro business group itself is unwilling to admit, narrow sense "derivative" is in fact the micro-blog and WeChat.

Luo and mother goose like Reds from the media using video show community, open micro shop in public, are classified to the community electricity supplier, has no one to put them with the "derivative" pull together. Those who open micro shop may belong to the mobile providers, so from the division, micro business is the sellers, but some are selling goods are engaged in some serious conscience, pull the head level. This article will talk about, the concept of "derivative" and chaos is how to.

micro-blog era and purchasing

In fact,

"derivative" this thing is not new, as early as in the era of micro-blog has been micro-blog, then a lot of the Reds have learned to use their fans to do business, selling some interesting products, of course, there is certainly unavoidable bags, cosmetics and mask. Until today, micro-blog inside micro business groups are not a minority. A dating show in micro-blog "derivative" of the female guests on a lot, and the use of program popularity to do business is not in a few, one of the most fire than the horse allison.

then some people may ask, why did not fire the micro business up? There are two reasons for this!

first is because micro-blog was in the PC Internet era, the computer screen is large enough, the advertisement information will not occasionally appear too sensitive, because it is not according to the traffic charges, this can refer to the QQ space now, has also been scraper party occupied, but everyone’s reaction is very general.

and mobile Internet era in the circle of friends is not, all traffic billing, so we wasted for mobile phone traffic will become particularly sensitive, it cannot tolerate brush circle of friends by some spam to waste their traffic. Say a little bit more popular, you send the garbage information is burning my money!

second is micro-blog’s decision because the media attribute, everyone in the micro-blog real friends is not much, most people are concerned about some of their love of people, either V, or star, or some other enterprises. In this case, there is a sense of belonging to the fans, you are concerned about is what you like, you like people occasionally send a few ads can tolerate.

here’s the difference between micro-blog and WeChat came out. Micro-blog is a unilateral concern, only you pay attention to the other side, the other side of the information will appear in your micro-blog dynamic. While in >

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