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2016, liquor electricity supplier has been rapid development. The first is the number of vertical succession liquor business listed on the new board, the brewmaster network, 1919, in August this year after the chain wine technology, Lenovo holdings holdings and the convenience of wine as the holding network network also successfully approved. In addition, Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms electricity supplier in this year also increased in the beverage category management efforts, from the "double eleven" and two months, Ali has begun preparations for the "9· 9 of Tmall’s global wine festival", but also the Jingdong headquarters in Beijing held a genuine wine ceremony alliance.

,,, Jingdong, after the success of the industry is the emergence of vertical their electricity supplier, after taking over, mother, fresh and other vertical areas, liquor vertical electric providers also quietly from a small classification, gradually become the new battlefield fighting giant electricity supplier, and adding to the field of competition add a fire. It is understood, experienced, liquor brand price wars, platform competition and other enemies in the storm, now part of the vertical liquor business has been profitable, while two highlights the rapid growth of custom wine market with B2B and its development.

liquor electricity supplier potential market is not fully developed

vertical electricity supplier liquor can be traced back to seven or eight years ago, in 2014 2015, capital hot period, although compared to other hot areas, vertical electricity supplier liquor momentum is not particularly attract people’s attention, but also become a hot field of many entrepreneurs. In the winter capital, many small liquor business platform in the vertical closed burn, from the heyday of the more than and 200 now in more than 10 or so, a certain amount of liquor vertical platform business have been seeking new funding in the new board.

in the first half of this year, as the industry top two, brewmaster net income of 1 billion 200 million yuan; the first half of 1919, income 1 billion 180 million yuan; from the figures, the scale is not large. However, according to the 2014 China wine e-commerce trends report shows sales of liquor industry, liquor electricity supplier channel sales accounted for only 1%, while the industry is expected to be in the 1~2% interval this year. Accounted for 2015 of total retail sales of social network to calculate the total number of wine market potential is huge, as well as the volume of the body can be ten times the development of the potential market of nearly 100 billion.

bid farewell to the price war, liquor electricity supplier four trends

since the money is not good melt, prone to burn after the Internet, also began to slowly subside, such as drops fast Uber, the U.S. group public comment even through the merger, to eliminate the burden of vicious competition. In the liquor business, burn phenomenon also began to cool, Hao Hongfeng day before the brewmaster network CEO "First Financial Daily" interview "liquor vicious price war ended, the market is rational." And told reporters, this year, eleven will not have a double low Moutai and Wuliangye. From the net, Xian 1919, wine facilities, network network platform can also see, those who had let drinking exciting price has returned to normal. After the end of the price war, alcoholic electricity supplier began in the shipped

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