Foreign trade network marketing practice the use of multiple blog marketing group to create accurate

do foreign trade, you do not understand the network marketing, OUT, do foreign trade network marketing, you will not use blog marketing, you will be completely OUT. The following steps for the friends of the site, to share some of the methods of foreign trade marketing.

foreign media, especially in Europe and the United States, will use the blog as the main carrier of information, many well-known journalists, media, marketing company, has its own long-term updated blog, and visits is not philippines.

business, by Chinese type one promotion almost impossible, mostly Internet + mail advertising. Post advertising this article does not talk, we only talk about network marketing, how to spread your product information.

foreign trade network marketing combat ready:

generally speaking, do a good job in foreign trade network marketing work, at least 1 master + N + micro-blog blog (such as twitter).

first, the construction of the main station, do high conversion

main station is the official information, as the main product catalog, company information, sales information site. The goal is to do a high conversion rate, and strive to put each of the people into the station into the transaction customers. We need to do the main point of business, a little money. Do not be afraid of a large display price, to remind the purchase, the real customer is the most afraid of things: want to buy, but can not find how to buy.

other mixed industry news and gossip try not to interfere with the product information, the best customer to the main station, in addition to see and buy, no choice. The main station to do SEO rankings, it is best to do the product related, navigation search word best. The master station is used for fishing net, the interest of customers into customers. Do not think about what the main station to create a large flow of information stations, to do information stations, there are other ways. The main station only needs a few dozens of accurate traffic, maybe someone will order.

two, a number of blog content released to absorb the precise long tail word flow

in addition to navigation search terms, you also need to do some product related to the long tail word. What is the long tail word: for example, you are doing LED, check Google: input "LED" can be found in the Related words, get a table, this table can be downloaded, there are a lot of words, such as: LED lights, LED lamps, LED display, LED technology, LED downlights, LED flashlight. Led China and so on, these are my pick some. You have to choose highly relevant to your product.

1, search keywords: above these words if the competition is still relatively high, and then to break it, with the above words in the Google search, get the 10 >

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