You need to understand the trends and figures on the fresh electricity supplier



self-contained fresh electricity supplier, business model in a "fresh" word, but the room for growth of the industry and future trends in where? The article "you deserve to know the ten" fresh ", the author in the field of Simba’s latest article again to clarify the concept and growth fresh trend.

what is the fresh electricity supplier? Simple understanding of e-commerce enterprises to sell fresh products as the main source of profit, but most of them "confused fresh" and "food" and "agricultural products", so it is necessary to sort out these noun. "Food" the most broad, or simply eat drink products and raw materials, mainly including agricultural and industrial food, agricultural and sideline products which mainly refers to the primary products of animals and plants (agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery), and refers to the industrialization of food after half processing or deep processing of food, such as puffed food etc.. We say "fresh" mainly from agricultural and sideline products, mainly refers to the soil from the farm and raised the level of products, covering to life of fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood, eggs, cereals etc..

Chinese Food Industry Association released data show that in 2012 the food industry output value of about 10 trillion, if the permeability of accounting for 10% of the entire food industry, the business scale will exceed trillion, there have been media reports the total value of "entity of agricultural and sideline products in China in 2010 in circulation was 2 trillion and 240 billion, so the electricity supplier scale of agricultural and sideline products will be more than 200 billion yuan.

so, what is the promotion of fresh electricity supplier, the rapid development of


first, the internal needs of consumer upgrades are expanding. A food safety problem heavy-hearted, more and more people are advocating healthy fresh food, fruits and vegetables not pesticides without fertilizer, egg meat hope mountain water Tujia feeding, and electricity supplier companies is basically from the source of supervision, direct mining, in order to meet the security needs of consumers. Secondly, with the improvement of living standard, the traditional grain consumption in reduced year by year, and the demand for fruits and vegetables, egg meat has increased year by year, which laid the foundation for the sustainable development conditions for fresh electricity supplier.

second, online shopping market penetration, to protect the size of the fresh market. Agricultural and sideline products compared to the low permeability of clothing, cosmetics, 3C and other industries, only about 1%, I asked a lot of friends working in the Internet "did you buy the fruits and vegetables on the Internet?" no, not to mention the potential group has not yet formed online shopping habits, I firmly believe that their consumption habits will gradually shift to the network, the whole market penetration rate in the future growth of over 1% of the annual, and every increase of 1% will be tens of billions of market size.

third, the central document for the development of agriculture has injected new vitality. Encourage large-scale, intensive farming, encourage industrial and commercial capital to invest in rural development, these policies will greatly push

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