nternet payment license approval accelerated payment system will move towards vertical subdivision

the central bank for the online payment system of licensing, this is the third batch of first approval of 27 payment license, Sina portal and search engine giant Baidu has already mood.according to seize the payment system to the license, high-profile payment license once again bring new hot. Internet payment system is currently divided into two camps, one is the Internet business, the other is a financial system for the development of payment system under the line, the two systems from the past Each one minds his own business., beginning with the intersection, especially Alipay wade in the balance of treasure, after the wing payment, caifutong in insurance. The network payment system competition intensified.

Sina Baidu war caused by Internet companies to pay the bucket

The payment system of

Internet business mainly in the Alipay and caifutong most attention, some other payment systems are popular trend, can not cause what impact on the financial market, for Sina and Baidu joined the payment system, the industry began to say, these enterprises are started to cross the field of electronic business, or use the users hands huge challenge to the traditional financial system, the author thinks that will force in their circle of users more payment system of sina Baidu.

After all, Sina and Baidu

currently on the circle of users is basically the payments system comes from Alipay and caifutong, in other words, the website of the goods sales and service value often need through the Alipay payment system changed hands, although not on its website interest losses, but apparently brought to the Alibaba a certain degree of interest, then the self payment system, it will allow these interests to survive, it is not just fat itself, is a blow to ali.

for users of these new payment systems can not be able to buy is another matter, after all, in the current Alipay’s impact, it is possible to make immediate payment, but also financial management, this is obviously more attractive, so I want to pay system of these Internet companies and Alipay direct competition, great difficulty.

vertical subdivision will become a trend

payment system vertical segments will become a trend, the entire Internet payment system in the trend in the future, Alipay will form a monopoly situation, and the money paid through the payment system will have the advantage of the hard to maintain their own minority groups, then the other payment system also exists such some problems, especially the payment system of securities institutions, fund mechanism, network only apply its own platform, and will not produce what the intersection in the field of electronic business.

of course in this trend may be buried below the payment system melee pattern, when Alipay caifutong began to enter the financial sector as the payment system in the financial field will in turn, into the electricity supplier in the field of cooperation and electricity supplier website, the stock fund and the immediate withdrawal of shopping, of course this is from the current pattern and >

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