Domain name management agency CANN official website was black

if your domain name is hijacked, then you may need to help the official domain name authority, but if the official domain name management agencies have been hijacked it?

earlier yesterday, the official domain name management structure ICANN, Internet network number allocation agency IANA, were hacked by the Turkey hacker group NetDevilz. ICANN is mainly responsible for coordinating the global Internet system, management, including domain name, address, internet protocol, etc.. While IANA is responsible for coordinating the global DNS server, IP addressing, and other resources to follow the Internet protocol.

ICANN and IANA sites were broken yesterday morning, hacker group NetDevilz wrote on the black site:

"you thought you were in control of the domain name, but now it’s no longer. Everybody knows it’s wrong. We are now in control of all domain names, including the ICANN domain name, you do not believe it? Ha ha: () lovely Turkey hacker group)

and the following domain name is hijacked,;;;;, if you click on the domain name, it will automatically point to the black page.

in addition, ICANN and IANA domain name is turned to the, which proves that the ISP is actually also broken. At present, ICANN and IANA were not released a public statement, but one thing is obviously, if ICANN and IANA lost control of the domain, then there is no security at all on the Internet what.


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6.23-6.28 domain name activity week


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