Who is the best mode of electricity supplier to the countryside

iron brother back home in the Spring Festival, found that the speed of penetration of rural electricity supplier has been beyond my imagination. Due to the adjustment of economic structure coupled with the increase in age, ten years ago, the proportion of young people to go back to work in the nest increased significantly, many choose the nearest job to facilitate family care. This group of people is precisely the rural electricity providers who drive, compared to the city’s impulsive consumption as the representative of the shopping habits, rural users are rational consumption prevailed, price sensitive consumer groups.

therefore, the electricity supplier companies in rural areas can not simply copy the city’s marketing model. In many rural electricity providers to promote the model, the model of the village of Jingdong promoters and the village’s most eye-catching mode of ali. Jingdong rural promotion mode is established Jingdong service stations in rural areas, there will be someone to guide the whole process of shopping in the village station; Ali Amoy model is set up in the rural village of Ali Amoy service center, to meet the rural users online purchase demand, and is also responsible for rural village Amoy webmaster specialty goods online sale.

this is basically the current electricity supplier to the countryside to the representative of the practice, but who is really the best way to adapt to national conditions, iron brother suggested that we consider the following two points.


rural electricity supplier sellers can easily be ignored

electricity supplier as a transaction behavior is the seller and the buyer, and in the whole process of rural electricity supplier if only limited to the eyes of the user’s purchasing power is very narrow.

because the rural user price sensitivity and rational impulse habits, coupled with the relatively high cost of logistics (iron brother where the country except for the post EMS express delivery, the other to the township level, users need only to make himself), sellers for the purpose of rural electricity providers to under side effects: lower gross profit or even a loss, user the cost of getting high.

so iron brother in particular, suggested that the electricity supplier platform to find ways to stimulate the desire to buy rural users, but also to be able to go through the rural electricity supplier channels. Different regions of the country and the characteristics of each specialty, specialty for non-standard products, not only can be used in household goods gradually in the course of the experience of online shopping is convenient, easy to enhance user stickiness, and many non-standard product specialty influx platform can also enrich the platform category of goods, more solid and different areas of the city rural users of online shopping experience.

therefore, iron brother tend to be in the promotion of rural electricity supplier at this stage in stimulating the rural sales passion make a fuss. In contrast, Taobao’s shop threshold is relatively low, while the village Amoy in addition to the firewood. In contrast, the Jingdong as the self bias in the standard form of its own, and the third parties settled form provisions must be relatively rigid, companies can, such as the lack of village village Amoy relatively flexible agent system, so here’s a little lost.

government involvement

in the process of rural electricity supplier, we must not ignore the role of the government, and even that the government will play a pivotal role in this. The reason is very simple, because of the foundation of the city

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