Vip com will apologize for fake Moutai will suspend all liquor business

[Abstract] will strengthen the review of the review and supervision of suppliers, for 100 million members shopping escort.


with the fake Moutai event continues to ferment in the afternoon of January 9th, administrative micro-blog publicly released a statement of apology, said, in this process, the company performance attitude insincere and brings unnecessary distress to the consumer and the parties to apologize. At the same time, in view of the adverse effects of the Moutai, has suspended the sale of all white wine.

subsequently, the Consumers Association on the official website of apology statement response, China Consumer Association continued to focus on the progress of the matter, the supervision of the implementation of the relevant responsibilities

however, the "daily economic news" reporter noted that before fully suspended liquor business, also exposed Wuliangye selling.

month after a public apology

2015 anniversary celebration, netizen buy on the platform Moutai Moutai wine is fake, fake events continue to ferment in the past month.

voice in the Consumer Association, in January 9th, finally posted an apology on the official micro-blog. said, "we are well aware of this, has not shirk the responsibility, then we must continue to earnestly safeguard the interests of consumers, and actively cooperate with the police and the relevant departments to complete the proper handling of the matter as soon as possible, really try to a corporate social responsibility."

December 18, 2015, in the relevant departments under the supervision of the first batch of recycled sealed Moutai liquor sample inspection. December 28th test results issued, the authenticity of the results identified as fake. December 31, 2015, issued a statement recognizing the sale of fake Moutai. It said that after the identification of the recovered goods found, including non Moutai group original original products, the results show that the product non-toxic harmless".

in the corresponding treatment scheme, said, will take the initiative to contact the 903 consumer goods recycling, storage and investigation, advance 10 times compensation.

January 7th, zhongxiaoxie voice advised should publish fake Moutai suppliers. said in a letter of apology, the temporary inconvenience related to the disclosure of information related to the supplier should be the criminal investigation requirements of public security organs, public security organs to be investigated after the end of the law according to the public. said the company has serious fraud on the supplier to the public security organs, the police have taken part of the criminal suspects in criminal detention coercive measures. said that due to the temporary supplier information can not be announced, the purchase of the supplier to provide the same special consumer goods have been carried out in one to one communication and processing.

full suspension of all liquor business

in the letter of apology, said in view of the Moutai event brought not

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