Guard against eleven of this promotion means overlord terms

"double eleven" is approaching, the major electricity supplier platform have adopted a variety of ways to attract consumers, the down payment "expansion" is one of the effective means of consumers advance deposit can be pre specified price promotions, and if consumers are not within the prescribed period of payment, the deposit will not be refunded.

Hubei province

Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued consumer alert, "the consumer is not within the prescribed period of payment, the deposit will not be refunded the provisions of this is King terms, consumers encounter such problems in the future, can provide evidence of complaints.

Hubei provincial Trade and Industry Bureau tips to the provisions of the provisions of the form of advance payment (deposit) does not belong to the terms of the king, does not comply with the law, should be resolutely resisted. Consumers should be more detailed understanding of online shopping platform and business double 11 promotion rules, clear red envelopes, coupons, etc.. At the same time, fully communicate with the business, and pay attention to the preservation of promotional pictures, rules, gift list, order pages, chat records and other information, to prevent the family after taking renzhang.

in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, local Industrial and Commercial Bureau to carry out a special inspection activities, for consumers to "double eleven" consumer confidence escort.

is a field inspection of online commodity trading operators. On-site inspection within the jurisdiction of the network commodity trading business, the effective implementation of supervision "online according to Liang" system, open license information in the apparent position of public network page; at the same time, carefully check the web page content, the existence of the whole network lowest false and illegal advertising, promotional merchandise will not be three set "the provisions of the king, infringement of trademark rights of others behavior such as illegal business, ordered to immediately correct, if he refuses to make corrections, shall be investigated and punished according to law.

two is a special rectification courier service market order. The business license of courier companies, courier hand check branch, for failure to obtain the "business license" engages in business activities of the "black express courier network", issued rectification notice, the requirements apply for a business license within the prescribed period; on the other hand to express business households propaganda "contract law" and "consumer rights and interests the protection law" and other laws and regulations, the supervision consciously to prevent beyond the scope of operations, "the first sign after the inspection provisions of the king," false propaganda "," illegal fastening and pressing piece, return and other illegal activities.

three is smooth online shopping consumer complaints channels. In the portal site issued a "double 11" consumer warning information, to remind the majority of online shopping consumers to choose "bright business businesses", "careful price trap", "retained valid credentials" to strengthen the awareness of rights according to law; at the same time, in the courier service outlets open 12315 telephone complaints, announced the complaint process. Strictly implement Shouwenfuze system, limited period system, ensure "quick acceptance, timely diversion, responsibility to the people, effective mediation".

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