Vertical electricity supplier platform mountain outdoor was voted 18 million yuan

billion European Network on March 4th news, outdoor vertical electricity supplier platform outdoor 18 million yuan to get A round of financing. It is reported that this round of financing by the new Jinding sports fund led. It is reported that it had received 8 million yuan Angel round of financing in December 2014.


million European Network on March 4th, outdoor vertical business platform mountain outdoor get 18 million yuan A round of financing, this round of financing by the new Jinding sports fund led. It is reported that it had received 8 million yuan Angel round of financing in December 2014.

, according to one hundred million European network learned that the mountains are outdoor Beijing seven cable times Technology Co., Ltd.’s products, by outdoor sports enthusiasts Gao Weie, Sun Qi, founded in April 2008. Different from the traditional platform first users to expand commercial value-added mode, the mountains have commercial outdoor mode and mature large loyal paying users and business lines to the fee for service users to expand user interaction service as the core. According to public information online, at present, the upper reaches of the more than and 100 brands, middle and downstream cooperation platform for third party leaders and thousands of users based on the huge mountains, outdoor had hatched sonla exercise group ran APP and fresh outdoor road route, and have been contracted to run net benefit, run, and step China and extraordinary footprint good flow entrance, to the precise flow into mountain outdoor mall. In addition, as of March 2016, the outdoor mountains has made more than and 100 outdoor brand licensing, with an internationally renowned brand of 20%, the domestic first-line best-selling brand.

for this kind of mountain vertical business platform advantages, mountain founder and CEO Gao Weie said: "the first vertical electricity supplier is user demand more and more segments of the product, so we see the United States such as Outdoor Vertical business platform, such as Chinese skincare vertical business platform, such as UK the clothing vertical; the other one is the vertical electricity supplier can provide users with a better shopping experience, to guide the user more and more vertical, such as you go to, you will find that your comments option is mainly moisturizing, whitening acne wait, and your comment option is mainly in Tmall, genuine licensed, logistics fast and good service so, obviously, for the purchase of products in this matter, the vertical electricity supplier can than Tmall Jingdong Integrated platform to provide a better shopping experience. Vertical electronic business platform focused on the study of a category of products, focusing on the needs of a user to meet the needs of a type, must be able to meet the needs of users of products and services more comprehensive platform."

in recent years, with the rise of outdoor sports, the Internet has gradually combined with the role of tools and various industries. In the open field, "Internet plus outdoor" business enterprises are mostly concentrated in the more vertical outdoor sports service areas, based on information integration, service matching and other forms.

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