E seller code Taobao said sales of prohibited items per day artificial

"contact lens box" looks beautiful, "2K," the dog simulation "cigarette" 160 yuan,…… These let outsiders see dizziness "Martian Language", the network is becoming popular, jietouanhao illegal online shopping contact lenses, imitation guns and other special goods "". Sellers in this way, the sale of contraband online.

sellers stealth Taobao doing business

days ago, the public Miss Sun plans to buy contact lenses on the Internet, she found in the Taobao online search, search out basically is the mirror box, cleaner accessories, contact lenses. Miss sun after a chat with the seller is not only that the contact lenses can be sold, but because the lenses are contraband, they dare not open outcry.

the reporter opened a shop selling the mirror box, indeed, in this shop facade, can only see the mirror box and other products, when the reporter asked to buy contact lenses, the seller immediately sent to reporters a link NetEase album, and told reporters in the album to select the desired style.

reporter choose a style to tell the seller, the seller sent me a link, told reporters at this link can be taken, the reporter opened the link to see, the page of the product name is still the mirror box. "Taobao is not allowed to sell contact lenses." Shopkeeper lemon color heart told reporters.

such a situation is not limited to the sale of contact lenses in the business, as well as sellers do more subtle. The cigarette is banned items, but there are still many sellers in the sale, the sales code is enlarging". The reporter found a few selling cigarette brand shop in Taobao, the Taobao want is to automatically reply to artificial, it must add the QQ. "Taobao is not allowed to sell cigarettes, if write cigarettes will delete the baby, and Taobao will also monitor both chats, so don’t want to reply to the buyer." The shopkeeper told reporters "Kerr".

buy goods ban risk

reporter saw a list of banned items in Taobao online publicity "Taobao rule", which is divided into "general violations" and "serious violations", medical devices and drugs are on the list. "Each seller in the shop before Taobao, will know these regulations, to avoid unnecessary trouble after." Taobao stakeholders told reporters.

for the sale of goods banned phenomenon exists now, the person said this phenomenon exists in a small range, the taobao.com, the ratio is very low. "In addition to the system to automatically search taobao.com banned items of keywords and buyers to set up reporting platform, it also set up a more than 1000 people volunteer team will spot suspicious businesses every day, once a problem is found, the shop will be closed, the purpose of the investigation is to reduce the artificial sell household ‘password’ sell banned items the phenomenon of." The person said.

for some sellers do not want Taobao buyer phenomenon "

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