9 nets red 2 star 9 screen Tmall double live the most heavy play to the 11

Abstract: the "nine tigers" cattle and not only gather brand resources, but also a variety of platform resources and traffic entrance, on the small screen, to achieve a full blast.




network operators in the world by Wu Jianying

nine live direct linkage, in the same picture on the jump, bid farewell to the single mode of interaction between the two live, Tmall 11 live the first column in the evening of October 24th 20:00 light heavyweight phase – the "two Star Cafe + nine popular anchor play nine brand" play, in less than 3 hours of live in a record 140 million points like the number of the single brand studio like the number of points more than ten million times.

This is the Tmall

and Ali jointly produced the official fish homemade program "nine cattle and two tigers" -. It is Ali fish in its own IP to build an important attempt, but also for Tmall’s 11 double tailored a live interactive show variety. In addition, it is also the first domestic live star and red screen PK, to achieve real-time interaction, multi linkage as well as the game between the three interactive live entertainment programs.

not only gather the brand resources, but also a variety of platform resources and traffic entrance, in addition it is because Taobao live for a long run in the red net broadcast field, which makes the variety show PK such a star, in the small screen, to achieve a comprehensive outbreak.


group chief marketing officer Dong Benhong in an interview with the "world network", if you want to use two words to refine marketing, he will choose the "innovation" and "cooperation". From this point of view, the "nine tigers" is just cattle and.

Jiuliu one zoom trick Jiugongge play


in this live show, the stars in the form of lottery have entered into the nine brands live, and is playing the game for the brand shopping guide PK. As long as the stars win the game, will get more preferential benefits to consumers, while consumers can watch live, with the point of praise the way to participate in the live interactive to help star successfully completed the game, win more red envelopes for yourself.


Caption: nine

brand studio

in view of the current broadcast is the most innovative path to shorten the market and sales, and the electricity supplier is trying to bring entertainment to bring consumers a better consumer experience. Therefore, each game between the live broadcast is designed by the brand and the organizers communicate with each other. In other words, every game is for the brand.

in the live program, not only invited Jimmy Lin and Li Weijia, highly involved but also attracted Colgate, Procter & Gamble, Lin wood, and the purchase of furniture, Rafi Manny, American Standard, ACG, Zwilling, Jomoo these nine brands, and they live in Settings >

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