Shopping guide site in Taobao’s fingers to survive between now fortunately

May 15th, Taobao have a new action, Ali mother issued a notice on the rebate Taobao customers to promote the rule adjustment. Mainly for the rebate Taobao customer promotion rules, rebate shopping guide website are the heart, let us take a look at the Taobao rules.

is a Taobao customer shall provide Taobao platform product link shop link, shop name and treasurer name search services in rebate types of users within the channel.

two is a Alibaba group involving brand rebate types of channels, such as Taobao Tmall rebates, rebates, must be linked to mom’s official promotional channels or event page (such as Taobao, love) shall not in any form to build or promote Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan and other shopping related unofficial pages (including but not limited to the shopping mall channel channel, etc.).

at the same time, since June 1, 2014, Juhuasuan will no longer support the rebate type of Taobao customers, and is no longer supported and participated in the Juhuasuan promotion and has opened for goods or services sold on commission. That is, the seller does not need to pay the aforementioned commission to Taobao customers, Taobao customers may not require the seller to pay the commission.

then, Taobao seller no other third parties and rebate shopping guide website to promote their products directly to Taobao, Taobao share links to their shopping platform, this is the dead to cripple the rhythm.

has been well received by the user’s favorite online shopping customers and Taobao 51 rebate rebate website in Taobao ban after the days are not too easy, are actively seeking transformation of the way. At the same time, Taobao and beauty, said, folding 800 shopping guide website discussions are endless. After blocking the order, the shopping guide website industry chain parties have been greatly affected, some of the site’s strong survive, may be more followers have died.

Taobao ban order, shopping guide website fortunately?

essentially, beauty said, and 800 fold, Huihui shopping this kind of shopping guide platform from the first day of the face will be blocked, because they are attached to the Taobao this big tree. The old saying, Great trees are good for shade., backed by a tree really can let itself get rapid development, rapid accumulation. On the other hand, the back of the tree shopping platform for their own development is fast enough to grow to a certain size, it is bound to affect the branches of the tree, which is not a problem around the past.

2013, beautiful said the flow of all the way down, Alexa global ranking fell from more than 1000 quickly to more than 6000, the corresponding revenue also fell rapidly., 800, Huihui shopping guide website also weakened, or even directly hang. The surviving shopping guide website is mainly divided into two categories, one is beautiful, said the content oriented, commodity prices are very favorable shopping guide website; the other is 800 fold, Huihui shopping this price oriented shopping platform. Two different modes, two different hits

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