CNNC domain management credit system ready

for the increasingly prominent corporate Internet credit crisis, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) is promoting the integrity of the domain name management system, has been carried out to the final stage of research and development evaluation.

is reported that, with a unique domain name resource management advantages, CNNIC will be carried out from the domain name, website and enterprise three aspects of the full range of verification, the establishment of the authority of the three-dimensional integrity of the service platform.

network integrity issues become increasingly prominent

China’s enterprise information has gone through the initial stage, began to enter the stage of large-scale application. However, the lack of Internet credit system construction has seriously restricted the application of the internet.

The joint report released

warned of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology on the front, with the information of the depth development, enterprise web applications in the face of increasingly severe credibility crisis.

other data show that the annual economic losses caused by various acts of dishonesty caused by more than 500 billion yuan. As an example, the research results show that there are more than 60% of enterprises in Foshan to hold a wait-and-see attitude to the network application, in which the lack of credit system is the most important factor.

, a company official in Foshan said that in the case of the current Internet is difficult to establish a credit system, companies involved in the field of e-commerce is a big business risk. Users of the site caused widespread distrust of e-commerce business more difficult, and the site is the integrity of the current mainly depends on advertising to raise awareness to achieve high input costs, small and medium enterprises don’t have such strength and abilities.

analysts pointed out that establishing a set to conform to the characteristics of e-commerce, improve and safeguard the integrity of the online enterprise credit system, improve the level of information technology has become the key problem of domestic enterprises, reduce operating costs of enterprise website.

domain name verification lay the foundation of integrity

Internet domain name management agency ICANN director, Internet expert Professor Qian Hualin believes that the key to the construction of enterprise credit system, to solve the problem from the Internet’s fundamental. Domain name is the basis of all Internet applications and enterprise information applications, from the domain name to verify, is the foundation of the establishment of enterprise website integrity system. Through the effective verification of the domain name, can enhance the integrity of the enterprise website, improve the trust of users on the site, convenient for users to identify the authenticity of the site through the domain name authentication.


user is not trust the enterprise website, mainly because there is no inevitable connection between the website and enterprise, anyone can do a website to sell goods, although the vast majority of the site will announce contact and website operators, but the information is unable to verify the statements of a school. So once the problem, the user simply can not know the real situation behind the operator of the site. However, if the adoption of the domain name registration information and business information

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