nterpretation of the electricity supplier site how to properly deal with consumers worry about the

for many e-commerce sites a common problem is that the site in the early of a lot of publicity, but also attract a large number of site traffic, but often watch the people, consumption is scanty. So many e-commerce sites will take on sale, and shipping, and reward, but are still not effective. Where is the problem? In fact, a lot of electricity supplier sites have ignored the key factor in the conversion rate of electricity supplier, that is, consumers worry about the risk of shopping. This refers to a consumer in the purchase of a product because of the lack of understanding of the product or other reasons for the risk of a state of mind. When there is this mentality, consumers tend not to buy goods on our site.

this problem is also an urgent need to solve every electricity supplier site. So first of all we need to understand the consumer’s risk perception can be divided into several categories.

1, transaction risk

this is the psychology that every consumer will produce when shopping online. Because the shopping process is not virtual face-to-face or see the product, consumers will begin to worry about whether the e-commerce site is normal, the store will not fulfill the agreed delivery etc..

2, product or service risk

because of online transactions, consumers can access to vital goods or services, consumers will doubt whether can be consistent with the website promotion of products or services or products after the problem can be handled properly.

3, communication circle risk

this kind of risk is that we will take into account before shopping, consumers are likely to produce me to buy this product is correct, will not be bought by the family or friends laugh, etc.. Online consumption, this risk is particularly easy in some newly launched products.

4, physical and mental health risks

if you buy this product for their physical or mental health help? Whether can cause physical or psychological harm to the family or friends? Because the current domestic product safety incidents, consumer online shopping for the assessment of this risk more value.

since we know the type of consumer perception of risk, what are we going to do about it?

1, detailed product and transaction information

consumers will be the main reason for the risk perception on the purchase of products online or from the lack of information on the product. So for our business site only through detailed product information, transaction information and improve customer service to let consumers know our products better, in order to better handle consumer risk perception.

2, standard trading procedures

for the same consumer, we will compare the

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