Chinese O2O to do group purchase

although a "next level market of hundreds of millions? O2O is the Internet gangster berserk" news again will O2O to a climax, but throughout the entire e-commerce environment, it seems that O2O has been terminated in the aura gradually eliminate the group purchase website.

2010, O2O mode to group purchase characters like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, walking in the forefront of e-commerce online shopping area, for a time, O2O e-commerce to become a new favorite. After today, along with the popularity of group purchase malpractice, the architecture of O2O on the WeChat marketing to a new outbreak of fever. Instead, WeChat marketing does not seem so strong and hot. Don’t China O2O mode can only do in

group purchase?

buy oligarchs but O2O just started

billion state power network released a "group purchase market transformation: from popular games to oligarch campaign" reported, "reported that after three years of development, has been from the group purchase baituan between thousand group war, a change to a few bosses can participate in the game, group purchase has already entered a new stage oligopoly competition."

beauty group, glutinous rice, and handle guest…… These temporary means of discounts based on the once popular in the Chinese, restaurants, movies, photography, no KTV group purchase not busy, with the passage of time, the online payment line to enjoy online shopping consumer mode, has gradually been reviled, "does not match the description" and "service week", "buy." trust crisis everywhere. Some people say that the group is only a temporary promotion, O2O online shopping mall, there is an essential difference between the two, but Xiao Bian believes that the group is a microcosm of the O2O, is the practice of China O2O model. As to the public to the oligopoly game group purchase breaking the embarrassing situation, WeChat marketing difficulties, rescue China O2O in hot water, handle network founder Wu Bo O2O’s first mall platform — Canada music, these seem to tell the public Chinese O2O never do in the group purchase. Its vitality is far more powerful than we thought.

O2O mode is different from B2C, B2B, although all over the Internet platform, but there is a substantial difference between its payment and access. O2O more emphasis on the integration of online and offline, and B2C, B2B is more emphasis on online integration. 366ec Xiao Bian believes that if the O2O go well in China, a few years later, B2C, B2B is likely to be penetrated into the deconstruction until O2O. Because of the tight integration of online and offline consumption is an inevitable trend of mass consumption.

buy just to test the water, the charm is about to show

according to authoritative sources, in terms of localization, interaction, O2O is a major trend". Whether or not you know O2O, this market is being rapidly activated.

from the development of the buy site, O2O mode of online payment of goods and services under the purchase line, and then to enjoy the service line mode has also been confirmed can be quickly accepted by consumers. For >

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