Four a Daduo Township outlets illegal fees charged 2 yuan per piece

last July, Taobao released the county online shopping development report shows that the average purchase price of 5628 yuan per capita in the county area, more than a second tier cities per capita more than $928.

but, in the face of such a warm County online shopping market, "First Financial Daily" reporters a number of towns in Fujian, the market survey in Hunan, Zhejiang and other provinces after it was found that, in addition to the post, SF, area in the county and above, the courier company network will be free to send pieces, and in many towns outlets, consumers only need to pick their own pieces, also need to pay at least $2 fee".

More than

express company executives to the "First Financial Daily reporters, paid courier delivery, absolutely can not accept the customer’s money, this is stipulated in the industry.

more out of 2 yuan subsidy fee

in the rhyme to take 3 express, spent a total of $6." Who lives in Cili County of Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province, Wu Zhen Jiang Meng Jie (a pseudonym) on the "First Financial Daily" said, in addition to the post, the town’s other express outlets to get the pieces must also charge a fee, "according to express the volume and the weight of the size, usually each received 2 dollars, each received 4 pieces dollars." Meng Jie said.

if these courier is sent to the Cili County, the courier will be sent free of charge. Once out of the scope of the county, to the following Township agency points, not only need consumers to take their own proxy points, and each courier to pay at least 2 yuan fee".

The following

Meng Jie in Jiang Wu Zhen Village, since the village after the implementation of the project, the village every day there are several buses to the town. Today, most people around the age of 35 in the village will be online shopping.

the rise of online shopping, but also led to the development of the town express industry. 2012, rhyme, Tong, tact, Shen Tong, Huitong and other courier companies have set up agencies in the Meng Jie Jiang Wu Zhen.

at first, rhyme up free of charge to get their own pieces, and later after the beginning of the introduction of each express received 2 yuan, to the beginning of 2013, in addition to post, other courier outlets in the town have to charge." According to Meng Jie statistics, only in January, she received more than 15 courier, in accordance with the delivery of each payment of $2, only on the charges of $30.

Meng Jie’s encounter is not a case.

Fujian Fuqing City Hongsheng (a pseudonym) also suffered repeated access to pay "fees": "5 years ago, the Fuqing town express outlets has been implemented to take an extra 2 yuan fee." According to Hong Sheng introduction, and now, in addition to individual villages and towns to cancel individual courier fee, the 17 cities and towns in Fuqing, the following 90% of one of the four outlets are still receiving fees".

in some towns and villages in Zhejiang market, express their own pieces of the case to pay the fee is more serious. Wang Xia (a pseudonym) Tucao: courier company official website can be served in the township, courier

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