The future of e commerce vertical sites will shine

Taobao was pushed to the market, with its startling build complete, rich product market chain that was amazing, blockbuster, rapid development of the electronic commerce market dominance! Domestic counterparts in the competition for several years no one can look at the back, as strong as iron hegemony. However, in recent years, some e-commerce sites have a lot of Taobao A new force suddenly rises., snatched the limelight, in the fierce competition in the market to seize the "a site of their own, and create a miracle new e-commerce, starting with Jingdong, mall, red child as the representative, and subsequently appeared a new spoiler, the dream bazaar, good music to buy the most typical, behind this phenomenon, reflects the new trend of the development of electronic commerce, the vertical type site will shine.

The so-called

vertical type site is its clear positioning, management of goods is no longer the names are complex, but focus on a field or vertical product chain, which will focus on a particular field to this business bigger and stronger doing fine, and special advantage in the field and successfully establish. The vertical type of site success is closely linked with the "short plate theory", the original Taobao post Jingdong mall and this kind of product is rich and complete website, they have complete this advantage but also inevitably encountered the "short board", is in certain products there must be some deficiencies, it is difficult to meet customer needs completely, which gives the vertical type of e-commerce website with the opportunity, can do the work in this area, thus occupying their Zhanshanweiwang hill, grab the site. Looking ahead, we can foresee the development of vertical types of e-commerce sites will show the following characteristics:

a, the product in order to win, with a variety of comparative choice to win customers

The core of

e-commerce can win is the limited energy and financial resources are concentrated in specific areas, such as giving a comprehensive coverage of the business structure, but to focus on certain goods such as shoes, clothing, handbags and other specific goods, the goods do fine segmentation. It can win the core customer love is to provide a richer and more sophisticated in the field of choice to the customer, the customer can get the comparison of similar products more, so as to have a more cost-effective and more palatable products, so in the future for the development of this advantage will further consolidate and develop the establishment, characteristics and advantages of the vertical site.

two, outstanding service advantage, retain customers

by surprise.

compared to Taobao, the Jingdong the category and product of numerous mall, they have limitations in terms of service, the more customers, product categories and other reasons make it difficult for special care, for each customer interests and preferences in the service after all can do the basic security Tastes differ all tastes., customers right to service on time and in detail. Vertical type of e-commerce

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