Suning acquisition red children suggests that domestic electricity supplier began to pick up cold

Diaoyu Islands Yu Wen has not been, Suning and Faro signed message in the QQ group raise a Babel of criticism of the accused, the patriotic thought; Suning will jump out to make a clarification of what the results of Su Ning ignore, visible abandoned political factors aside, in business minded courage. These days, Suning has done things, to $66 million acquisition of maternal type vertical electricity supplier brand first red child, this action is a public opinion again, industry insiders have speculated that industry mergers and acquisitions, don’t encounter cold electric environment began warming, into the shuffle transformation

?There are two kinds of

the current domestic electric appliance industry: first, to the Jingdong (including easion mall Newegg, etc.) led by pure business operations, the development of such enterprises rely on the Internet to survive, the proportion of product price and cost profit space advertising spending deficit is large, enterprises should rely on large area extension through financing, investment money to establish its brand influence; second, Suning, Gome, the traditional home appliance retailers open business transformation, these two types of enterprises are under strong power cable stores as a support, although it is widely spread in the electricity supplier industry novice, but without prejudice to its electricity supplier brand not long ago; the electricity supplier price war, as two different types of three party companies are parties, although finally subsided by the administrative organs to intervene, to make an apology To the end, but there will be no doubt some of the electricity supplier industry operational risks exposed to the problem.

these risks is not only from the loss of credibility of the enterprise, and business, logistics channels, promotions, and other aspects of service value represents the business nature of things, for these, few companies can handle two or two or more can affect the enterprise life and death. So, in the end the development of the industry in the end where to go? Price war, enhance the value of the user experience, or the cost of the middle channel control? This is the electricity supplier price war triggered by the most need to solve the problem. In dealing with these issues, the lack of Jingdong mall, Su Ningguomei also lack.

In fact, the

should be a big puzzle to seek solutions, although the current B2C industry calibration for specific framework of the business to consumer, but the details of things in the middle there is a great situation with this ready to accept either course, vivid examples can be seen. For example, familiar with the B2C industry changes in the history of the people should be aware that the Jingdong launched operations near mall just at that time, the head of Liu Qiang East had let go of the Jingdong, the number one enemy is Ma’s Taobao. To operate for a period of time to find a lot of loopholes, and immediately turn the attack object to dangdang. This is the quote again catch up from behind. The chief executive in the face of the media before the bold said that launched operations within three years to become fully beyond the Jingdong store, B2C electricity supplier industry a new banner.

to say that two companies do not understand the essence of the electricity supplier should not. To say is deliberately made commercial smoke? Then the head of the two companies.

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