The United States and the United States said the big electricity supplier Wong Kwong Yu recognized 2

executives proposed electricity supplier in six months to a year earnings target

reporter Lu Xiao Beijing reported

giant home appliance chain Gome successive decline in performance after the encounter, finally realized that the electricity supplier is not minor stuff. Thus, Gome chose in 2013 with its old rival Suning Breakthrough Road, to the integration of electrical and online and offline. In this one, the electricity supplier business was promoted to the same line with Gome 26 years to lay down the same important position.

obviously, the electricity supplier business shouldering the major responsibility for the loss of Gome’s performance. However, after a full year of fighting in 2012, Gome apparently has not had a good time Suning Suning electricity supplier, in front of an unusually difficult battle.

new logo to "electrical"

December 25th, Gome officially released a new strategic plan for the next three years, it was found on the identity of Gome, electrical appliances have quietly disappeared in the two words.

Gome to the strategy of the company has been confirmed. Gome President Wang Junzhou told reporters: "the United States will be extended in the main business of electrical appliances, electrical appliances may have some far fetched talk."

, according to Wang Junzhou revealed that the United States will be introduced next year, home appliances, home textiles, maternal and other non electrical products, the United States will gradually expand the store’s goods in the future. He also said that the proportion of electricity in the SKU, although not too high, but the proportion of sales will continue to maintain.

in the new strategy of the United States, to go to electrical appliances in order to better achieve the close integration of online and offline business. United States Senior Vice President Li Juntao told reporters that, "we cannot take e-commerce with others every day to play on the minor PK, together with him."

at the same time, online and offline integration is also becoming a retail business model. Mou Guixian, senior vice president of Gome electricity supplier business, told reporters that in the United States in 2012, the top ten ranking in the retail industry, in addition to the Amazon, the other nine are online and offline collaborative development. "B2C+ store ‘represents the direction of the industry profit model in the next 5-10 years."

one step ahead of old rival Suning is a powerful positive example. The same experience adverse effects of home appliance market slowdown Suning Appliance three quarterly show, although the third quarter year-on-year decline in more than 30%, but net profit Suning still amounted to 597 million yuan, the first three quarters of net profit of 2 billion 351 million yuan.

announced the integration of online and offline at the same time, the United States has been promoting the integration of online and offline procurement, logistics, after-sales and other aspects of the organization in the organization.

it is worth noting that the United States announced the establishment by the headquarters procurement management system Li Juntao senior vice president in charge of, in the electronic commerce business into online purchasing at the same time, the newly established Gome accessories company Feng >

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