UNQLO flagship store closed mystery Jingdong survive only 3 months

July 20th evening news, the day before due to the "fitting room door" fired the famous clothing brand UNIQLO raise a Babel of criticism of Japan was again exposed irreparably, the Jingdong POP platform official flagship store today suddenly closed.

who received the news broke, billion state power network discovery, in the Jingdong homepage, search the APP UNIQLO, really could not find any product information from UNIQLO flagship store.



shows the results of the search page Jingdong

in this regard, billion state power network to verify the public relations department of Jingdong. Jingdong responded that UNIQLO is indeed in July 20th closed the flagship store, the main reason is due to the adjustment of internal business strategy of uniqlo. In response, Jingdong quite regret, but also expressed understanding and open attitude for future cooperation opportunities.

from the official electricity supplier claim UNIQLO pointed out that the cooperation with the Jingdong, found that there are still many in need to further explore and perfect, therefore, according to the strategic adjustment of Chinese fast retailing group EC business, and obtain the agreement of the Jingdong, decided to terminate the cooperation.

is talking about the future, it did not directly if there are opportunities "said again," said only that the two sides will continue to uphold the brand concept, to provide high quality products and high-quality consumer experience for consumers China.

as of July, UNIQLO official flagship store 3 months survival in the Jingdong platform. It is reported that the flagship store in the first month of sales reached two times the expected goal.

It is noted that

‘s Tmall flagship store in a safe and sound, running as usual.

cooperation with the Jingdong by

According to

billion state power network to understand, with nearly a year, hundreds of GAP, Lacoste, Levis, Lee, evisu, New, Balance, PUMA, KAPA, Samsonite, ELLE and many other categories of the international well-known brands have been settled, the Jingdong has become an important choice in many big Chinese the layout of the electricity supplier.

previously, only UNIQLO chose Tmall as the only settled electricity supplier platform. But in April 8th of this year, the Jingdong announced a high-profile Japanese fast fashion clothing brand has officially settled in Jingdong, and the official flagship store officially opened on April 17th.

at the press conference the same day, the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong and the CEO UNIQLO penning body jointly attended the signing ceremony. Visible, Jingdong attaches importance to the cooperation.


, the Jingdong in Shanghai specially opened an area of 10600 square meters, the maximum storage capacity of one million pieces of clothing warehouse separately for uniqlo.


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