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industry like a raging fire, have been involved in the life of living in various aspects, especially after the electricity supplier in recent years of baptism, let more and more traditional companies plunged into the business of the Red Sea, this afternoon I visited a traditional business electricity supplier in a friend, this temporary address for small A, which talked about their company in some of the problems facing the electricity supplier in the road now, which is most of these problems is the traditional enterprise problems, the author about.


with the increase of various marketing cost line, many companies gradually turns to the line, a small A company is no exception, also feel the electricity supplier is the next development trend, so they set up the company determined people, then set up the electricity business sector, and the fastest speed of the opening of Taobao, QQ, Jingdong and other electronic business platform so hot start, get a few months down, no improvement, every day at home every day to drive over the courier company pull goods, this let the boss some unbearable, cast doubt on the electricity supplier and operating personnel, and the personnel flow rounds.

A after that small details asked, is a relatively large size of the shoes factory, has its own brand and the offline sales channels, now need to change into a new electricity supplier company is very large, there are often talk small, such as the strategic and policy towards the line, such as the design of the product and the number of online and offline single unified sales, often exist in the old style, the price adjustment requirements of dealers, and because of the need of network on the styles of most of the next line stores on the styles of demand still exists difference, and individual demand is more and more obvious, the electricity supplier due to lower marketing costs are often the impact line under the price, because the line shop rent and after several price level agents, only a high price to achieve profitability. Business department is always out of stock, inventory situation, traditional industries from the bones on the line, so the supply is to meet dealers priority. The second is the limitation of operating funds, most of the traditional industry understanding of the electricity supplier is still stuck in the chat for level, activity planning, drainage, the loss promotion is not very understanding, also often exist capital for a long cycle limit, there is for staff too casual, the hired professional operators grudge.

for several small A briefly, most of the traditional industry more or less, there are such problems, of course, from these points is not difficult to see why the traditional industry is very difficult to do the electricity supplier, the traditional electricity providers to do business, suddenly enter into a new field, will face no experience, a series of the problem is not the talent, how to succeed in the new competition in the electricity supplier, has become a new problem in traditional enterprises, traditional industries to do must reform, reform is one thing, not simply the specious writing and policies, the author talks about some personal views under the surface, also please correct deficiencies

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