Do a good job of the user experience is a magic weapon to buy site

recently reported that the group buying market is rapidly shrinking, many small group buying sites have closed down, and even the well-known group buying site 24 coupons also appeared in the case of arrears of business settlement. Personally think that the reasons for this situation, the market shrinkage is not the main reason, the main reason is the customer service business group purchase group purchase group purchase lead to problems, will not take the role of network marketing.

I am also a poor people, the love is a group of a group purchase delicacy, noon four or five individual packages, invite a few people go to eat lunch, comfortable and affordable. The idea is good, but the recent experience of buying a month so I can not feel the existence of the group buying site is inevitable. Here are some of the problems I and my friends found last month.

first, poor business service attitude.

we found that most of the guests of the hotel group purchase service attitude is more obvious than the other guests to a lot of difference, if you encounter a busy restaurant, basically not to call the waiter, serving speed is slow, they will give the other guests dishes before considering guests group purchase. We even ran into the back and ate our food. In addition, the location of the group is also in a specific area, the guests can only sit in that area. There was a new near the hotel group purchase is very well done, we went pretty much, most of the people in the group purchase group purchase, full area has been sitting here a lot of space, but the waiter is not let us sit somewhere else, have to let our positions, finally we let the waiter to find the boss down, we want to make a complaint before Industrial and Commercial Bureau to our seats.

two, cry up wine and sell vinegar.

in addition to service attitude problems, we also find a component problem. Some businesses not only engage in group purchase, and reluctant to part of the profits, thus inflated price, shoddy, shoddy behavior. We have a group purchase pickled fish, did not change the size of the pot, soup weight has not changed, but the fish to go fishing no two fish, not to mention the quality; we also have a large group purchase farm chicken bowl, really big, but not much chicken ah.

three, refund difficult.

this I have not experienced, because we buy a lunch, eat no retreat. It is my friend, group purchase a mobile phone, writing is genuine, get back is a copycat goods, request a refund, push the site to merchants, businesses push to the site, but finally did not retreat, only a few hundred dollars, friends do not want to toss.

group was originally a promotion of their own, to expand the visibility of the most affordable measures, almost no advertising costs, as long as some of the profits can be reduced. But many enterprises in the profit reduction of group purchase customers a variety of brood on, discrimination and harassment, not only to publicize their own results, but let their reputation decline, by the way of group purchase also makes people flinch. < >

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