Fast room electricity supplier performance eye catching 2 hours selling nearly 7

just past the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Hangzhou property market ushered in a wave of opening. According to the real network ( K Index Research Center statistics, June 8th -12 day (including weekends), Hangzhou has 10 projects opened, respectively, beautiful apartment, red king · Keri crystal base, Lan Shan mansion, · wharf; tourmaline, the new JOYOU · visa, Qingfeng Shu Yuan and profit · Jiang Yue and other real estate. Among them, the real estate electricity supplier’s quick Qingfeng Park Villa eye-catching performance, two hours to get nearly 7 sales performance.

Qingfeng Villa Park is located in the West sector, according to the developers statistics, June 10th opening day attracted more than and 160 groups of buyers arrived at the scene, many young buyers groups.

it is reported that the launch of the Qingfeng Villa Park Building No. 9 landscape floor Wang, a total of 116 houses, 90 square metres of the main apartment layout for three rooms, the largest gift area of 16 square meters. In addition, in September this year, Hangzhou Normal University Cangqian campus will be officially opened in Qingfeng Park villa owners children attending Hangzhou Normal University Affiliated schools.

for the opening soon, the real electricity supplier joint Qingfeng Shu Yuan, has launched the "lead action" in the weeks before participating in group purchase can enjoy "20 thousand against 40 thousand" exclusive discount, discount price 10000 yuan / square meters. This Sunday (June 16th) before buying, you can still enjoy the deposit 20 thousand to 40 thousand discount.

during the Dragon Boat Festival, fast room electricity supplier for its more than and 10 projects are under operation, launched a 11 exclusive showings line, attracting thousands of buyers showings, the property market has become one of the largest activities in the near future. If the site is located in the north of China Vanke · polstar light, is expected to July first, devaluation of more than 500 sets of 90 square meters of the main room three, starting in June 9th the group purchase of more than 80 groups, to attract buyers offered again; the new disk Vanke · purple Taiwan, there are dozens of groups of buyers offered during the small holiday. Two projects, fast room users can enjoy deposit 20 thousand minus 40 thousand purchase discount.

number of commercial real estate, located in Xiasha poly · and poly · green city; Rose Bay, is expected to the recent opening. Among them, the city will push the green line Golf landscape housing, the main push 79 square meters and 87 square meters apartment layout, Rose Bay will launch a better position "90 party three real". For the two major projects, fast room electricity providers have launched a deposit of 8 thousand arrived in the purchase discount of 30 thousand. (reporter Zhang Kangkang)

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