Network marketing puzzle interpretation of e commerce enterprises

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Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest "twenty-eighth Chinese Internet development report" shows that the first half of 2011 Chinese business applications continue to steady growth, and the Ministry of Commerce’s goal is to strive to "12th Five-Year" period, the network shopping transactions reached China’s retail sales of social consumer goods 5% of the total, which indicates that China’s e-commerce market size will reach more than 1 trillion before 2015.

huge market opportunities for Gome, Suning, BELLE, intime and other traditional enterprises have to touch the electricity, the trend of traditional enterprises into the field of e-commerce has become increasingly evident. However, the reporter found that e-commerce is not a panacea immortality, many traditional enterprise network marketing is facing the puzzle.

puzzle 1: "chicken ribs"

websiteMr. Li

a business clothing wholesale business said: "we have paid great attention in the field of electronic commerce, also set up a website, but the traffic is always not to ascend, to bring customers a handful."

in fact, there are a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises and businesses are hoping to follow the trend of the site, the hope can for more customers for sales, but the operation after they discovered that the beautifully designed website good is not good, the search engine can not crawl, without any traffic to websites. Over time, the site was abandoned in the enterprise, in a semi state of death. Data show that 80% of the enterprise website almost become a "decoration", according to the CNNIC analysis, the site has been one of the main reasons is the lack of land ": web marketing, interactive services, customer management and other functions.

enterprise website as the cornerstone of all enterprise e-commerce activities, representing an enterprise’s "face", also is the enterprise communication and interaction with users of the platform…… Take on many important functions. Insiders pointed out that the enterprise website can never become "chicken ribs".

Puzzle 2: promotion of "watching"

at present, some enterprises in order to let potential customers know their own websites and products, blindly invest heavily promoted by Baidu, Google and other search engines or online advertising, but suffered the lack of data on operational reference analysis of confusion, and the promotion of cost pressure is also growing.

if the enterprise cannot understand clients exactly where they come from, where customers can really have orders from, enterprises will not be able to judge in the end should be more focused on the channels through which to carry out marketing, which eventually led to can not find a way to reasonable operation of the site, wasted a great opportunity, on the cash strapped enterprises is undoubtedly one disaster after another.

puzzle 3: platform interoperability problem

a Taobao online shop owner with crown reputation Ms. Wang said, "he began operating from the Taobao store for 08 years, and in his friend’s efforts, the store already has considerable popularity, many guests also patronize the shop daily. Next, want to build >

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