Marketing occasion The sale of Moutai NetEase koala cross border electricity supplier


] January 7th news billion state power network, in the minds of many people, the cross-border electricity supplier is Amoy treasure goods. But the day before, billion state power network found that cross-border electricity NetEase koala sea purchase in addition to selling goods overseas, also began to sell Moutai products.


koala sea purchase app page

billion state power network from NetEase app page sea purchase koala koala sea purchase to understand, in the promotion of new page recommend Moutai this is a domestic brand, and online shopping from the koala directly on the Moutai search, can search out the 68 product information. Open the Moutai product details page, koala sea purchase in the product information marked on the sale of Moutai are factory direct sales, and Moutai can provide official invoice.


in the koala sea search Moutai page


NetEase koala Moutai page

for koala sea purchase sale products, insiders pointed out that cross-border electricity most are for high-end consumer groups, there is an overlap with Moutai consumer groups, so it’s no surprise that koalas sell Moutai.

it is worth noting that, with the advent of liquor sales season, Moutai brush face frequently. In addition to had traced to the sale of "false Moutai" incident, in 5 days this month, Moutai also said in a statement on the official website, the company recently discovered that there is obvious lower than the cost of sales or even selling counterfeit and shoddy Kweichow Moutai wine and other illegal acts, and to Moutai liquor distributor rights violators will according to law. At the same time, online exposure of a Moutai internal documents also show that Moutai’s 16 penalties for breach of the dealer.

of course, in the fight against low price dumping and counterfeiting and other illegal acts, while Moutai and its dealers are also actively doing the Internet practice". In July last year, the Kweichow Moutai E-Drive and the Limited by Share Ltd is the only authorized yellow wine bottle of Moutai wine distributor – special commodity supply in Guizhou province Limited by Share Ltd for nearly two months of negotiations, the official opening of the strategic cooperation, consumers in the exclusive channel of yellow porcelain Moutai to buy Moutai, you can get free experience E-Drive opportunities. As early as in 2014, Moutai group has set its Kweichow Moutai Xijiu, initiated the establishment of e-commerce company subsidiaries.

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