s the essence of personalized O2O recover the original simplicity

Internet is an impetuous and steady change frequently in the industry, in 2013 become the focus of the Internet industry O2O, once the people want to use it, the deification of personal gain from it. It is undeniable that, in the complex O2O circle, the exchange of O2O in private when it is said that this is a marketing hype concept, is not appropriate.

on the line of traditional enterprises to increase investment and enterprise penetration of the Internet on the line has been to create a O2O ideal development case, but behind the O2O abnormal hot, many users think that the three or four line of the city, the WeChat micro-blog made APP is done in the case of APP, O2O should also be keep the essence of his personality.

o2o application scenarios personalized analysis can help businesses to explore the personality of the business logic

in the International Electronic Commerce Conference in December 25, 2013, Taobao executives O2O secret make a point at the conference, "for O2O, the channel is very important, different application scenarios for business logic is more important". In this view the secret, I very much agree with, even with the new as a Tencent, is once again remind us to face the reality.

Tencent into the capital’s Jingdong, currently in the field of B2C do best easy fast network (market share of about 5%) or will be incorporated into the Jingdong, this message is interpreted many analysts: Tencent electric commercial practical actions that he is doing in the field of electronic business is not successful, the use of existing funds, and users build the channel advantage, full coverage of the vision of Internet industry was brutally broken. In a specific point in time according to the specific situation to make certain choices, perhaps is the development of the root growth of iron. Tencent’s compromise is to start the war has begun to Ali Tencent greater competitive advantage, and this decision in my opinion, is full of personalized analysis. Tencent can have the strength of the user for the purpose of user segmentation, more accurate and effective use, at present, the development of O2O is the need for such a personalized analysis.

O2O is a huge market size of up to one trillion yuan, such as food and beverage O2O, department store O2O, O2O subdivision of the field of education O2O very much, so O2O also has a lot of applications in the field of subdivision. Catering to O2O as an example, I think time will give food O2O hit adult label, most catering enterprises will be operational, unified form of joint operations with the development of online and offline, online brand drainage, offline experience reputation "will no longer be absolute.

in such a mature environment, consumers experience dining O2O scene, the experience will become more simple. Businesses through a unified standard has been gradually for food O2O application scenarios, analysis of personalized, operation although the increase in dimensions, but in a unified environment to better personality in the standard scenario, explore personality >

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