Supply chain competition cross border electricity supplier B2B early heart

reporter Cheng Kai Beijing reported

[Abstract]: business as an important part of Internet plus the change in people’s life, but also changed the way of business management, but is it just by the electricity supplier will sell the product can constitute China enterprise competitiveness? When traditional electricity supplier become "information" and "price competition" platform, and how to China manufacturing industry to achieve product quality and profit of the double upgrade? And how to expand exports and enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises Chinese? Chinese cross-border electricity supplier B2B the beginning of the heart should be what is it? For this, we take the above problems, an interview with Peking University Institute of national competitiveness Dean Guo Yuntao, hoping to get some answer to readers.

China Times: President Guo! This is a crazy business era, believe that the electricity supplier as a bridge between the initial graft manufacturers and consumers, remove the intermediate multiple marketing and profit exploitation links, direct consumers from manufacturing enterprises through the logistics distribution, so as to achieve a "win-win" situation. However, it seems that the ideal design of the "win-win" model can not be achieved, which is the deep-seated reasons for what should be done to reflect on it?

Guo Yuntao: a new thing, just began to have a rough growth process. Electricity supplier is also so. In the process of development, there are some unfair competition, low price dumping, fake shoddy goods flooded, and regulatory loopholes and other phenomena, but also normal. This is the regulators, producers, consumers, and even unexpected platform operators, but also the development problem is bound to occur. However, after more than ten years of development, it is time to reflect on the summary. Reflection is not a simple criticism, but rather a better and healthier development.

I think there are several reasons to think. There is a relationship with the model itself, the current domestic electricity supplier operation mode is to build a platform to attract sellers — advertising — traffic to attract buyers to purchase other additional services, obviously, this business model inevitably become the "information" and "price competition" platform, eventually only the low price competition the. Two is a serious excess capacity, such as the 24 industry has a surplus of 21, 500 major industrial varieties of the United Nations, China 228 global production first, combined with the above "information platform" business model, price competition has become inevitable. The three is the lack of credit spread, fake is not surprising. Four is the rule of law need to be improved, if the illegal cost is too low, it is difficult to really curb illegal, coupled with the electricity supplier as a new thing, a variety of laws and regulations are still under construction.

China Times: cross-border electricity supplier as fire Liaoyuanzhishi rapid development, if this is still above the business model of "overseas edition", it is difficult to achieve the purpose of promoting the export of


Guo Yuntao: as our focus has shifted from the demand side to the supply side, the demand side of the "three carriages" we talked about a lot

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