The Jingdong or the anniversary of micro blog for turning point

June 18 originally belongs to the Jingdong in 2012 to become a special day, the electricity supplier price war officially started today! CEO micro-blog said on June 12th took the lead in the decisive battle for the news, Tmall, Kuba, Dangdang, Tencent and other electricity providers chiefs are gradually add, "618" has become the business of the carnival, and the major business minds "strategic collusion" operations, has become the first in the history of business.


Tmall mall


but I’m sorry, the content of this article is not concerned about the electricity supplier war, but about Sina micro-blog.

a, what is Sina micro-blog member?

micro-blog member is Sina micro-blog to provide you with distinguished service, you can enjoy the identity, function, mobile phones, security four categories of privileges, and members of the exclusive activities. A Sina micro-blog member, can have the priority to recommend, exclusive exclusive logo templates, micro-blog voice, speed up the level 15 privilege, that sounds like it will be a very good experience, but as Sina micro-blog users need to pay 10 yuan monthly membership membership fee.


two, Sina micro-blog membership advantages and disadvantages


membership can be said to be the Sina micro-blog suddenly hit a double-edged sword, have the ability to pay micro-blog users do not have any effect on the appearance of the micro-blog membership may feel, but that they pay 10 yuan fee can bring you to the limit and breakthrough of superiority in all aspects of this. Is Why not? Thing? But the majority of Internet users on the Internet to get is not equal in a real life. The emergence of the membership system will just find an instant sense of equality to find out from the network, the moment makes micro-blog users have a clear hierarchy. The reason why people come into contact with the love of micro-blog this platform or this tool, fancy is what he called freedom of speech, equality of status. On the national cadres, government officials, and then to all kinds of stars, in the micro-blog platform and Internet users are equal treatment, equal exchange. And micro-blog membership appears, let it all seem no longer harmonious. Look at all aspects of the behavior of the abuse accounted for 99%, while the profit side only occupy a total of $1%, and this is Sina’s value-added business income of 1%.

three, China’s micro-blog pattern turning point

these days and many friends talk about the advantages and disadvantages of sina micro-blog and Tencent micro-blog. Most of my friends think that Sina’s dominance of micro-blog. Why do you think


1, the earliest, up to

Sina micro-blog is the first Chinese Internet micro-blog, is also the largest user of micro-blog. August 2009 1>

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