Leave where customers wind up and business sentiment

for 15 years, Li Hongyi still no logistics circle of toil, tuiyi, more brave. He personally founded the company – such as wind, in July this year, was wholly acquired by heaven and earth huayu. After 6 years, the wind was finally out of Eric’s shadow, Li Hongyi at this time, the mood is complex. Because he found that his luck does not seem so good:

2000, he joined the excellent network, responsible for logistics, 5 years after the acquisition of excellence by amazon.

2005, he went to the red child, served as warehouse logistics director, in 2012, the red child was Suning acquisition.

2007, the leadership of the old aged call, he went to the founder of vancl.com, wind up. Once, wind up to express and Jingdong are famous, the rise of Eric and Jingdong made distinctions won in battle. However, after 7 years, experienced layoffs storm wind up to escape the fate to be sold. Jingdong express logistics team in April 2014 has more than 40 thousand people, and has become one of the core competitiveness of the market capitalization of up to $40 billion.

has been acquired, not taste. "To participate in one, to be acquired, to participate in, and then acquired. During the mentality, ideological struggle, ah, experienced N times." Li Hongyi lamented to reporters.

but also some scripts, Li Hongyi is willing to come to say. "It’s a pleasure. I’ve bought someone else.". That year, the acquisition of red child Shanghai branch, I led a person. "

Li Hongyi said, he and the boss. "Every joined a company, the year is the most fire. Excellence is, red child is 07 years, a period of time is added to every guest."

but he didn’t talk to the boss. Whether it is excellent, red child or guest, big play after is a big drop, his fate also follow ups and downs. Now, he is also a lack of an iconic "big fireworks". After the independence of the wind, so that the next few years, out of a Li Hongyi era,



together to Amazon Excellence

2000, Li Hongyi participated in the creation of excellence network, is one of the seven founders. The biggest problem was facing the distribution, in addition to Chinese postal, large floor distribution (floor distribution, city, county, almost no transport into the house).

year, the four pass one is not the boss of the courier industry. Rhyme and tact just coming through, Huitong does not appear, Shen Tong only set up in Beijing, but there is no landing with business.

"I used a small logistics company, a few hundred days a single, 10 of the whole city of Beijing. Wow, that." Speaking to reporters that scene, Li Hongyi can not help but sigh. "No car battery, no gold cup, a straight line, a subway link, attendant on his bicycle, riding 100-200 kilometers a day." In the first year, the coverage of the logistics is very small, first in Beijing, at the end of the opening of Shanghai.

2001, excellent network growth soon

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