Luxury electricity supplier market warming Jingdong has the most chance of meat

in the luxury electricity supplier has experienced a series of events in the winter and the pressure of the brand, the recent luxury electricity supplier market is gradually warming. In March 23rd, listed on the NYSE in March 25th, Sina luxury goods and the temple library Chinese reached a strategic cooperation, excellent public network announced March 27th won the second round of financing of $40 million, in March 29th the Jingdong announced that its luxury business will be completed in 2012 sales of 1 billion 500 million yuan. In the 7 days of time, a succession of heavy news about the luxury electricity supplier, which seems to show that the luxury electricity supplier market has returned to warm, the second round of competition is about to begin. (text / Wang Liyang)

luxury electricity supplier market heating up again recognize the luxury property

luxury electricity supplier after a short period of cold air blowing has begun to return to warm. Although bleeding listed, but also count as a success. Sina’s business website Sina luxury goods seems to have found a new way of luxury. Even more exciting luxury electricity supplier market is the best public network to get $40 million financing. The B2C market heavyweights Jingdong does not always give up the luxury electricity supplier this fat, plans in 2012 sales of 1 billion 500 million yuan. Continuous heavy news shows the first to return to the electricity supplier of luxury electricity, but also indicates that the luxury electricity supplier will enter the second round of the industry reshuffle.

the current domestic luxury electric business rely on the price advantage to attract consumers, but the price of luxury goods itself is a symbol, if rely on business at the mode of the luxury goods to sell luxury goods to pull down the altar, as "cabbage price", walking in the street when each is LV, also called the luxury luxury brand value down? If you really want a luxury, who will buy the so-called "luxury"? This is a dangerous practice. First of all the brands are not allowed to become a street luxury brand, followed by the purchase of luxury goods consumers are not agreed to let them buy luxury hard to become street signs, finally when luxury sold cabbage price, the luxury goods business and the value of existence? Don’t reduce the attributes of luxury goods, luxury electric providers also need to protect the luxury brand value. Otherwise the last wasn’t good for anyone. Luxury is a symbol of status, luxury goods is not easy to obtain it makes it particularly valuable, if you want to sell cheap goods, we must put forward additional requirements to protect the value of luxury goods.

luxury electricity supplier two pieces of meat Jingdong strongest meat


in an article at present there are two domestic luxury market, the first market is the real luxury buyers, the consumer is not short of money, but their ordinary life luxury goods, they have to buy luxury goods, and the purchase of luxury goods through the network just another way of purchase. This kind of consumption for YOKA’s ymall store to do, because YOKA itself is a high-end fashion show network platform, itself has a certain relationship with the customers, and the brand is good, it is a luxury.

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