Domain name security tactics innoven Chinese launched a free mobile phone binding function

as a domain name investors, in addition to the domain name price, the domain name security is also one of the important indicators of domain name registration. Domain name investors, the domain name is their property, because the domain name is equivalent to a certain amount of money. The Registrar must provide safe and reliable technical means and processes to ensure the security of the domain name. At present, the common protective measures are the following:

1, domain name lock, domain name transfer password.

2, set the account password protection (or similar means of protection), in the implementation of some important operations (such as: check the password, turn) requires the user to answer the password protection problem correctly, or do not perform. Account password protection is the protection of the account of the second, even if the user’s login password is stolen, the thief did not enter the account after the implementation of an important operation.

but there are some disadvantages of the above methods:

1, not all domain name suffixes are supported by the lock and transfer password. And in turn out the domain name, most of the domain name registrar does not provide online view transfer password function, the user must fill out the domain name transfer application, and mail to the Registrar’s headquarters to get the transfer password. This process is cumbersome, but also very time-consuming.

2, once the user accidentally forgot the password protection problem, usually also need to fill in the form and attach a document, by the registrar is responsible for resetting the password protection problems and answers.

so some of the courage to try new technology domain registrar / agent began to explore a more convenient and safer way to protect the user’s account security and domain name security., the industry’s leading eNom top billion customers in China, recently surprised to find that China has begun to provide mobile phone binding in the background. We observed that the user can be Connaught billion China’s own cell phone number and its own billion Chinese accounts to bind. After the binding, the user can enjoy the service provided by the message provided by Connaught Connaught China, mobile self-service and other convenient and practical services, including:

: when you modify the mailbox account reminder account email address to be modified, send text messages to remind
using a mobile phone to reset the password

, according to several hundred million customers in China, the mobile phone service in the domain name industry is an innovative service, has not yet seen other registered providers to provide similar services. Now due to the popularity of mobile phone is very high, mobile phone service can further ensure the account and the account of the security of the domain name, the maximum extent to avoid the customer caused forgot to renew expired domain name. In addition, this service also simplifies the password reset process, forget the password does not need to do Paper Work. The most important one

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