How to make use of the Olympic Games to make money

Olympic Games, a large number of foreign people will focus on China, Beijing, and more people will be concerned about China through the Internet, concerned about the industry. Unlimited business opportunities, when the first network. We do these owners should also make money?

how to use the Olympics to do network opportunities? Here, hope to attract more owners to participate, together with the wisdom of the collision. Lead to more ideas spark, and a year’s time, money is still too late.

China commodity, China ancient culture, has attracted people’s attention abroad, it is the fourth?) and a copy of the circulation, will be very popular, the Olympic Games time is very short, foreign visitors to buy things will be a lot of, how quickly these folk items quickly sold to exotic foreigner, by network, internet. Light Taobao is not good.

foreign friends, early brewing, can also imagine, if we hold the Olympic Games in Barcelona, a year before, if you have a friend in Barcelona this much good, during the Olympic Games and they can go home to live, eat, play. Similarly, in the Olympic Games in Beijing, many foreign friends are looking forward to have a Chinese friend, you can let them come to Beijing, to China, there is a communication, understanding of friends. Set up a number of circles, the industry, the association or the international exchange center, to create opportunities for users to exchange, enhance the friendship of people around the world, but also to bring more value to the surrounding Olympic games.

business platform, Chinese network, go out is not much, if the rapid expansion of international popularity, expand the international influence, especially in photography, sports, industry websites, can make use of the opportunity of the Olympic Games, rapid expansion, good English version. One aspect of the publicity of the domestic style, a way to improve the visibility of the site.

In addition,

, a number of bus information, query tools, foreign versions of navigation tools to do it quickly, the future is a good tool for foreign visitors to learn. There are lots of ideas, many webmaster site looking for ideas, many webmaster and rich ideas, I hope that this article can play the role of a bridge, more stationmaster exchanges, discussion, comment, put your thoughts and ideas, quickly take advantage of the opportunity of the Olympic Games, to create a new world in the network.

time to please do not miss Oh!

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