Chen Ou throat regression could revive have enemies in front and rear of the jumei com

from the beginning of the birth and the "false" word has been entangled together, sell fake, fake, false accounting background…… Recently, after the 3 U.S. law firm announced an investigation of "financial fraud", and the two lawyers launched the attack to the United states". Stock prices fell for four months, market capitalization has shrunk by nearly 65%. Silence has long been finally began to react, December 16th,’s board of directors approved a stock repurchase program, in the afternoon, Chen Ou in micro-blog "in the United States was responding to action" events and selling questioned.

suffered a collective siege

according to Shen Xiao Bian understand, there are currently five U.S. law firm and a law firm of launched a lawsuit.

is a self proclaimed "securities law firm" Faruqi & Faruqi firm said company and its executives are investigating whether there is false and misleading statements, or not issued real business and operational information such as a violation of U.S. securities laws for. In December 13th it said in a statement, encourages investment losses of more than $100 thousand to shareholders in connection with the firm.

is also a law firm Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd also said in a statement released on December 13th, on behalf of the purchase of shares in May 16th to November 19th, investors in the United States Court for the Southern District of New York submitted to’s "collective action" – v..

In December 11th

announced an investigation into’s American law firm The Rosen Law Firm also issued a statement, announced in May 16th to November 20th on behalf of shareholders to submit to the court for’s "collective action" petition. The Rosen Law Firm12 announced on Sept. 15, on behalf of all investors purchased shares in May 16, 2014 to November 20th launched a class action against

into fake storm

in July 28, 2014, just to the United States on the NYSE are in "fake" storm. There are media reports, platform, a company called lucky Sunny Trading Company and three party counterfeit merchandise authorization, customs single, selling high imitation luxury watches etc.. Although immediately closed its stores, but years later, is in the "fake" quagmire deeper.

early in the United States before the listing, consumers have broke the news on the Internet cosmetics is fake products.

friends star Lee sparkling February 5, 2013 micro-blog screenshot


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