E commerce website domain analysis two

analysis on "electronic commerce website domain name (a)", referred to the Tesco, Dangdang and excellence of this station. There is a webmaster asked, is not the name of the domain now Amazon.cn? How old grasp of Joyo’s pigtail do not put it? I certainly know it was acquired by Amazon after the opening of the name, but it is not difficult to remember the wrong english. Here to give an excellent free idea, you can learn to take the Google A.cn, you and CNNIC iron to see the iron. Explained, the following analysis:

4, 2688 shop 2688.com:

e-commerce website rare good domain name, not to say that the four figures have much value, but there are 2688 from the bottom of the grassroots mentality, which is a lot of e-commerce people do not have. With four digital do name begins 8848 times, but the real outbreak is the site after the flourishing, when hao123.com became a myth, 9991 and 2345 have A new force suddenly rises. Remember the four digital and non renewable become a hard currency, but not to say that the four digital meters is the perfect website domain name, its biggest drawback is easy to cause the fuzzy brand image from 2688.com and 2868.com, who can see the two station USP (unique selling proposition)


5, 99 99read.com:


and 2688 shop is 99 meters is very shabby bookstore. But the name is not bad (subtext: there will be more behind too horrible to look at.). Or from the structural analysis, this is a number of words added to the meter. This situation is generally appear on the right, in meters can not be met for conditions such as 51job, to the acquisition of job.com is almost impossible, so with two digital YY. 99, too, the reason that the domain name is not bad, because online bookstore audience is relatively high, this level of the word memory read animation station called 99carton.com be nothing difficult, if, the effect will spread to a discount.

6, vancl.com


domain name is not an e-commerce site, the importance of different types of domain names are also different. Do direct sales business shirts Eslite, more important is the quality and price of advertising and shopping and PPG logistics, rather than the domain name. It can be creative to get old domain name this extreme, also need a certain level. Still from the structural analysis, this is a creative meter. Beginning with the unpopular V, ending with two consonants. This way is very rare. For rice farmers, has reached a "hard to impress" stage. For the audience? I don’t know. Can only say that, fortunately netizens have Baidu, VANCL’s name is a Chinese vancl.

next week to continue to update, please look forward to: e-commerce website domain name analysis (three)

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