The first cloud computing concept of information service platform at the fair

September 22nd Expo China international small and medium enterprises to Pazhou opened, to serve as the technology leader in the Guangzhou Yi an Mdt InfoTech Ltd in the Expo is the appearance of the new generation of cloud computing information service platform — wisdom wing

wisdom wing has "information service platform for cloud computing concept, will dominate the future of the B2C with the C2C platform, beyond Taobao, pat will not be a dream, now open clothing, footwear industry, other industries will be open.

is an intelligence wing Yi Technology for apparel industry customized "cloud computing" integrated information service platform, to provide a full range of information services for IT has long been neglected of small and medium-sized enterprises, individual businesses, the common interpretation of the new era of business intelligence.

in order to allow enterprises to achieve precise management, develop the network marketing and the rapid expansion of business, channels, wisdom wing meticulously management, shop management, business management functions of the three service system, from entity management to network community marketing, clouds, business is booming; from the next line of business to the rapid expansion of online commerce. The new channel, business district, Unlimited Business Opportunities.


what are the advantages of smart wings with other software what is the difference:


wisdom wing is a new generation of cloud computing information service platform, she will be management, portal, shop, business district, marketing channel development, community integration, from entity management to network marketing, from the next line of business to perfect online business integration:

1, with the help of an open network community, continue to maintain a good channel relationship, rapid development of new channels.

2, the immediate control of the target consumer circle, order price, sales price, accurate grasp of procurement.

3, the establishment of enterprise business, to seek cooperation in the business circle, the sun in Kanban, unsalable goods, sales Weihuo collocation, Unlimited Business Opportunities.

4, wholesalers and retailers in the business process is simple and convenient, free of cumbersome manual entry, as well as fax, telephone, mail processing.

5, community commercial marketing, blog network at the gate of the community, to Bo Bo Friends, parlor, rapid increase sales.

has the wisdom wing and then worry about the single enterprise software, Invoicing has the enterprise for data statistics and don’t be afraid of trouble, the shop had never afraid of business do not go abroad.

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