Network network year end zoom trick buy global drinks to send music TV to enjoy interest free instal

before the network network upgrade again "ecological benefits", the introduction of LETV’s financial "happy flowers" payment service. With immediate effect, the user can choose to enter the net wine online shopping 3, phase 6, installment payment services ranging from 12. During the event, the "five stage Fu" spree the province of 3500 yuan, while the blue coral manor, dry face, red devil, Wuliangye and other popular single product enjoy 0 interest installment purchase.


December 29th – January 12th, LETV network network joint financial on-line "Golden Rooster new year wine luck" theme activities, the audience can enjoy the products provided by the 3 flower Lele payment installment interest free. In order to encourage user experience, Rafi, blue Shan manor, manor, Li Xian red devil, dry face such as Zhuang, Wuliangye, Moutai and Wine circulation, and other liquor brands, Hennessy, beer and other global blue hat Zhimei import wine, beer selling a single product, can be used free stage.

for the spring festival celebration of wine consumption demand, network network also launched the "stage of Fu" spree, covering Wine, liquor, beer, wine, fruit juice, dairy products such as whole category, family fun. Including won the "award" at the RVF CHINA Wine award and best performance award "dew dry fire rose red Wine, equipped with super sports IP across the country and the Chinese German beer Groot, favored Niulanshan, Wuliangye, Moutai and other liquor, more is the world’s best-selling Hennessy and other big emperor wine.

in addition, "staging Fu" spree also introduced music as a super TV, music as intelligent mobile phone and other hardware products, greatly improve the preferential. With the successful purchase of "Lele flower stage stage Fu" spree, users can also receive an additional VIP amount, the maximum grant amounting to 200 yuan.

It is reported that

, the official network network most products can enjoy the happy flower installment payment. Network network users without payment, you can choose 3, 6 and 12 different repayment period, monthly repayment date is fixed in the principal and interest expenses. This is also the Ecological Welfare network network the latest upgrade play out.


network network introduced "happy flower" payment not only cater for festival wine consumption peak, and hit the trend of hot Internet consumer finance. Through the integration of music as ecological resources, the music as ecological service ability and output ability of the products to the market, net wine network launched the installment purchase wine wine will enhance the ecological service experience to the user to bring more consumer rights.

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