The pocket pass also after the micro transaction fee subsidies

November 20th news, according to informed, WeChat third party service providers micro days ago released a merchant transaction fee subsidy program. In the next six months, the use of micro cooperation micro collection business for transaction fee subsidies.

micro said, during the period from December 1st to May 2015, the MSI and cooperative business transaction fees (including UnionPay, Alipay, caifutong payment) for full subsidies, not capped, but the premise is the use of micro businesses on behalf of the collection service.


it is understood that the micro generation collection mode specifically refers to: MSI in his own name to open an account, before the opening of the third party payment business, can be carried out through the payment interface micro payment, micro payment by collection, businesses themselves now.


collection way, another WeChat third party service providers are trying to pass the bag. However, pocket pass is the main support for WeChat to pay on behalf of the collection, payment and collection of the current micro support is mainly Alipay, TenPay, bank card payment, not including WeChat. MSI said, WeChat will support the follow-up payment collection.

it is understood that WeChat is currently in the mall Alipay payment transaction rates of about 2.5%, WeChat exchange rate is 0.6%, caifutong exchange rate is 1.5%, the bank card transaction rate is about 1%.

In addition to

fee subsidies, MSI also said that the future will be to use micro collection service businesses adopt the following strategies: 1, exempt from the margin, for half a year; 2, cut the cash amount over 1000 yuan can apply to cash; 3, shorten the payment cycle, from T+7 to T+3.

it is reported that in September this year, has released the pocket pass fee subsidies to businesses, subsidies for the period since September 13th of this year, as of the end of March 2015.

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