The bank had eleven double play hand painted Jincheng help pay

now double eleven has not only electricity supplier shopping carnival, the major banks and financial institutions have launched a series of promotions. As China’s first private bank of Tianjin Jincheng Bank launched the "double eleven you draw, Jincheng help pay campaign, by actively promoting new media channels, promote public participation in interaction, enhance user stickiness and innovation play effectively enhance brand favorability.

"double eleven you draw, held Jincheng help pay activities in November 7th to November 11th, the theme was" a dream come true painting". As long as the participation of H5 hand-painted games, draw their own choice of goods, there is a chance to get a free chance, and every day during the event has 30 daily rewards. A reasonable set of awards to stimulate the public’s enthusiasm, new media aspects of the security activities give the maximum volume.

With the spread of

, Jincheng bank released a few days before the start of the network in manuscript activities, reports on the eleven double preheating activities; micro-blog and WeChat KOL have jointly issued a series of warm-up posters, suspense to attract public attention to the activities of the.

warm-up warm-up poster

from the beginning of November 7th, for the event to build H5 hand-painted game began in the circle of friends and WeChat group communication. In addition to Jincheng bank official micro signal information dissemination activities, there are a number of WeChat released the large event information, the average amount of reading more than 20000. And there are more than KOL in the circle of friends to send active links or information to participate in the big V to effectively enhance the public’s interactive participation.

activity H5 game

micro-blog, Jincheng bank administrative micro-blog update activities for the latest information and forwarding activities to enhance the degree of concern by micro-blog large, prompted micro-blog # dream come true # topic drawing success into the hot topic of the top ten, reading reached 26 million 660 thousand, more than 85 thousand of the amount of discussion.


overall, "double eleven you draw, Jincheng help pay has accumulated tens of thousands of participants, for fun H5 games as the starting point, through the new media multi-level, three-dimensional protection activities redubujian. Open and fair incentive mechanism also allows participants to participate in the interaction, there are lucky participants to win free single speed bike, music as a super TV, Haier refrigerator, brand skirts and iPhone7Plus awards.

with the further deepening of the Internet, many traditional industries began to reform, the financial industry is not far behind, from the business level to the brand level of a series of innovative attempts. Among them, in the initial exploration stage in Jincheng bank adhere to the "permanent solid historical an impregnable city," business philosophy but also actively use the Internet thinking, constantly change and novelty.

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