VR red half of the day home brand KEA also want to plug

news April 14th, Sweden Home Furnishing brand IKEA recently launched a "IKEA VR experience" (Ikea APP, VR Experience) is currently available for free download on the Steam platform, IKEA group is expected in August this year will be officially completed beta.


IKEA VR Experience Hall

IKEA VR experience hall with the help of VR tools HTC Vive to meet the needs of the user in advance to feel the layout of the kitchen, the user can also change the color of the cabinets and drawers, experience the different perspectives of adults and children. At present, the IKEA VR Experience Hall has been on-line three different kitchen style.

to enter the field of VR, the general manager of IKEA group of Sweden Jesper Brodin explained, "we can see that VR will face a spurt of development in 5-10 years, it will become an important part of the daily life. In addition, as the new trend of science and technology, we are also aware of it to the marketing promotion, users can VR free for days after the design of the kitchen to create the ideal space to prepare for potential risk, also can find as soon as possible to avoid."

recently, VR technology has become a new trend in the home improvement industry, has also been sought after in the country. In December 2015, VR established joint LETV Tuba rabbit Tuba rabbit virtual exhibition platform; March 2016, decoration mesh together with the VR brand beauty house 365 cooperation, jointly launched VR home products.

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